Kogan Delays Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet, Adds Bluetooth

Kogan Delays Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet, Adds Bluetooth

Kogan’s sub-$200 Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich was a big hit when it was announced last month, selling out within days despite an original delivery date of June 25. That delay has become longer, with the first batch of customers told they’ll now have to potentially wait until July 16 for their tablet. The trade-off? The specs have improved slightly, with Bluetooth added and an improved screen.

Here’s the email Kogan has apparently been sending customers this week:

Kogan Delays Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet, Adds Bluetooth

The July 16 date also appears on the Kogan site, though that could well reflect orders after the first run as much as this delay. That said, the Bluetooth addition is a more evident change.

Spec alterations aren’t exactly new with Kogan’s tablets: its 2011 Agora model had similar issues. That said, the original 2012 model is still one of the better ICS offers around right now, and a three-week delay doesn’t entirely change that (plus you can get a refund if you really don’t want to wait).

We’ve contacted Kogan for comment, and will update if we hear anything.


  • I was stoked to receive that email yesterday. It was a nice change from the usual “Its been delayed” emails from suppliers. Thats twice Kogan have upgraded a product that was pending delivery.

    I’m sure it won’t be an iPad3 or Galaxy Tab, but if I wanted one of those, I’d happily pay the $400-$700. I own a great laptop, and this Tab is just to compliment my Android phone.

    • …also, I couldn’t help but notice your email didn’t say anything about the free upgrade from 8GB to 16GB. I’m assuming because you paid for the 16GB. I ordered a 8GB, so more than happy 🙂

      • I also ordered the 8GB model, and so I am more than happy to wait the extra 3 weeks if it means I will be getting an extra 8GB of space, bluetooth and an improved screen for no extra cost… Result for all those who ordered the 8GB version!

  • I just checked out the stats. Aside from hdmi, looks like the HP Touchpad is it’s equal (or better). My Touchpad is the best $150 I spent (for the 32GB)….or will be once the CM9 guys get the camera working.

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