Kogan Rolls Out LivePrice In Australia

Kogan Rolls Out LivePrice In Australia

Kogan Rolls Out LivePrice In Australia We told you late last year about LivePrice, the system where you can buy TVs and other gadgets from Kogan cheaper if you order them earlier in the production process. At launch that only worked for UK customers, but as of today it’s also available for Australian buyers.

Currently, there are LivePrice options for 20 products in the Australian store, including a bunch of LED and LCD TVs, plus a few oddities such as digital photo frames, cameras and a bagless vacuum cleaner. As with any hardware purchase, I’d shop around before committing to one of these deals, but it’s an interesting approach to varying pricing.



  • “I’d shop around…” doesn’t the whole business model and uniqueness factor preclude the ability to shop around?

    If these products haven’t even started production yet, surely noone’s going to even have a pre-order option?

  • Not many of the products listed on LivePrice are so unique that you couldn’t get something similar from another manufacturer. What price you’d pay becomes one of the key questions.

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