Be Cautious As Daylight Saving Change Kicks In This Weekend

At 3am on Sunday April 3, every state except Queensland, WA and the NT will end daylight saving for the year and clocks will go back an hour. No matter where you live, though, you should spend some time come Sunday morning checking that all your devices — computers, phones, tablets, PVRs and anything else with a networked connection — have the correct time.

There's a long history of devices not correctly adjusting their timing to reflect daylight saving, most recently evident in last year's Apple iPhone bug. The more isolated network problems in WA a couple of weeks ago show that even states which don't adopt daylight saving may experience problems.

If you do have a crucial appointment on Sunday morning, make sure that you've got more than one alarm set to avoid a repeat of the my-iPhone-has-wrecked-my-life experience many people had last year. And if you're travelling, there are extra issues to be aware of.


    "At 3am on Sunday April 3, every state except Queensland, WA and the NT"

    What about the ACT? that's not a State, it's a Territory...haha

      So's the NT, but I didn't think it mattered in this case :)

      It is, Christian? What gave that away!? Was it the T in both NT and ACT?

      Oh my....quite the revelation we have here.

      You've saved the day captain obvious!

    I wish the concept of daylight savings time was abolished. It really makes no sense in today's world.

      You and me both.

      Between DLS and TimeZones it makes a developers job a nightmare when dealing with relative time.

        I sympathise with you there. Recently was told that our servers were going down for maintenance at midnight CDT... But, there's THREE CDT timezones! Which one!?

        I try to do everything in Zulu time, and use the World Clock's Fixed time calculator to figure out what time it is in other people's timezones:

      How so? I'm all for it, I don't see a great deal of point in having extended daylight stretching before 5am in the morning. Agreed it may not be of as much benefit for northern states, it still definitely makes sense the further south you get.

      it was actually invented as a joke by Benjamin Franklin

      I am with you there, scrap it! It messes with my sleeping pattern and takes me ages to get back to normal.

      There is "one" saving grace for Daylight Savings Time....

      Getting out of work while the sun is still out.

      But then again, that's just overlooking the issue at its root - the work itself.

      I agree Max, I especially hate how it fades my curtains.

    ...and change the batteries in your smoke detectors

      Test your smoke detectors perhaps. The only people who need to change their smoke detector batteries every single time daylight savings starts or ends are people who've been trusting their lives to cheap dry-cell batteries.

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