Apple Promises iPhone Daylight Saving Fix, Won’t Say When

Apple Promises iPhone Daylight Saving Fix, Won’t Say When

A daylight saving software bug has rendered the recurring alarm function on iPhones pretty useless. Apple says it has already developed a fix, but won’t say when it will be released.

Lifehacker asked Apple what was being done to fix the problem on Monday, and today we got this response from a spokesperson:

We’re aware of this issue and already developed a fix which will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.

Apple wouldn’t confirm the time frame when the update will be released. A broader iPhone update is widely expected in November — having to wait a month for the fix sounds unpleasant but a real possibility.

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  • They never fixed bugs like having all artists in a compilation album showing up individually in the artist listing for ipod touches and iphones. iTunes still runs slower than any application or computer game I own on my system. Why should we expect they would correct a glitch that isn’t astronomically embarrassing for them with any sense of urgency?

    I myself just turned off automatic updates for the time, reset my clock and alarm times and restarted. I don’t have any issues after two days of fiddling.

    • Wow that annoying function where it wont list compilations of as an album is THEIR FAULT and not some weird quirk of my music files?!

      Dag nabbit!! It ain’t that hard to make a playlist… but still!

      As a new iPhone owner I love my iPhone, but won’t necessarily be sticking to the Apple train when the contract comes to an end I don’t think – what contempt to your customers to ignore something that simple and annoyingly pervasive!

  • How hard is it to setup an alarm properley in the first place. Every phone maker since the begining of time has been able to get it right. Sorry but im tired because I woke up an hour early this morning.

  • Is this restricted to iPhone 4 users only? I have a 3GS running iOS 4.0 (3A293) jailbroken and there are no problems at all. Time changed automatically overnight and alarms work fine.

    • My non-jailbroken 3GS automatically switched to daylight savings (despite me being in Queensland), but I was able to change that back pretty quickly. Still, my 6am alarm goes off at 5am. I set some new alarms today to see if that will fix it, but it was still annoying.

      • We have a 3GS phone, the 5am alarm woke me at 4am, but the 6am alarm went off at 6am…..we needed to wake up at 5am!! Frustrated & angry today. Wondering how we can get an alarm to go off at 5am…surely it shouldn’t be that hard to get an alarm function to work

  • I changed the timezone on my I-touch while in Sydney last week. As I was on holiday, I wasn’t using my Calendar. However, when I changed back to Perth, WA timezone on Monday, I noticed the times of appointments in Calendar were 3 hours late. I had to manually edit each appointment to the correct times.

  • it’s bloody annoying having this bug especially when I rely on it to wake up. And setting my alarm an hour later so that I will wake up at the right time is distressing (mentally) especially for important days where late is not an option

  • Well mine went off an hr early the first day and I’ve reset everything and now it appears that no preset alarms work. It is very annoying and there is no way I could set it an hr forward I would stress out

  • Thank you Apple, now I’ve been late to work for the 3rd day in a row ! First day: the alarm went off at 6 am instead of 7 and the iPhone escaped an open window by a very thin margin. Second day: the faint “beep” in the calendar reminder (which is not configurable) wouldn’t wake an ant and didn’t wake me either. Day three: thought I’d out-fox the little iBugger and set the alarm for 8 am so it’d wake me up at 7 but no, it woke me up at 9 am !?!? Guess who’s buying a clock radio today (if they still sell them), without an iCradle, and who’s not buying another iPhone ? “Missing” to test this scenario is inexcusable.

  • I wonder how apple will compensate me for the verbal warning i received for being late, alarm goes off at 5 I turn it off not knowing there is problem and then doesn’t go off again and up late to work, if there isn’t a fix for this in the next couple of days iPhone 4 is destined for eBay. Such a simple thing apple how hard can it be

  • Are you kidding me?? Still no fix!!?

    Come on steve jobs! Fix it!

    It’s been a month now! You should have fixed it on the first day!!!

    I’d be embarrassed. Does this require a whole rework of the OS?

  • This is another symptom of a deeper problem; Apple never really cared for their calendar.

    The list of “second-to-other coalendars” features is endless.

    This bug just exposes the base problem even more obvious..

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