Some iPhone Clocks Going Awry In WA

Uh-oh, another iPhone clock bug seems to have reared its head. Some iPhone owners in Western Australia are reporting on Twitter that their clocks have jumped forward an hour, reflecting what seems to be a bug in the daylight saving implementation.

It isn't immediately clear whether the problem stems from iOS itself (and possibly the iOS 4.3 upgrade) or from the network clock set by Optus. WA dropped daylight saving in 2009 after a three-year trial.

We know from past experience that the iPhone doesn't have a great track record when it comes to dealing with daylight saving changes. Nor does Apple have a good reputation for quickly fixing clock problems, so afflicted sufferers might not be able to trust their phones for a while — an issue for that half of the population that shuns watches.

Update: As Gizmodo reports, it turned out to be an Optus issue and has now apparently been fixed. Thanks Vincent for the tip!


    Maybe this is Apple's benevolent gift to West Coaster's on a Friday afternoon?

    It's not IOS 4.3, I'm on 4.2.1 and have been hit by this. Going to airplane mode and back temporarily fixes it.

    Yep, I was hit by this last night after updating but didn't find our until I was an hour early for work today!

    Temp fix - take the phone off 'set automatically'
    and simply select Perth/WA

    Full fix - (well working for me..) I just opened up the map and made it locate me. I think this somehow reset my location allowing the 'set automatically' to work out where I was.

    My phone is now back on set auto and working fine for ~6hrs.

      Thanks Andrew -- great to have a fix technique from the coalface!

    Must be an optus thing I'm on telstra and 4.3 no clock issue. BTW i love the personal hotspot

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