Be Alarm Paranoid As Daylight Saving Kicks In

Daylight saving begins in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, the ACT and Tasmania this weekend: clocks go forward one hour at 2am on Sunday. If you've got an urgent appointment that morning, I'd suggest setting an old-fashioned alarm clock and not relying on your smartphone.

Last year, we saw a major bug in the iPhone mess up recurring alarms, and it took Apple quite a while to fix the problem. Rather than risking a recurrence, I'd be using a backup system. Computers and other devices should update themselves automatically for the most part, but double-check on Sunday morning as well.


    Who's got an urgent appointment on a public holiday?


    (Yeah, I know it's only SA/NSW/ACT with the holiday, but still... pretty much all the shops will be shut and I doubt any other appointments are going to happen early Monday)

      The change is the day before the holiday though :)

    Any decent smartphone will deal with DST automatically. My Nokia may frustrate me from time to time, but I've never had to worry about this stuff! ^__^

      iPhone alarms are notorious for screwing up around daylight savings time, and not at all when off (unlike Nokias that would go off without a hitch even if the battery was all but completely flat, which saved my ass a few times).

      Infact i had a recurring calendar appointment yesterday, and i could swear it never went off (when it has gone off every 2 weeks at that time no worries for months, and my GFs didn't either).

        Gotta be one of the best features of Nokia phones. Phone has died during the night but the little bastard still saves enough juice to wake me up in the morning. What a considerate device ;)

        That's because Apple are totally hopeless at getting up-to-date timezone data on their devices. How this is even possible in this day and age, who knows, but they manage to screw it up every time.

          No, as afar as i can tell its got nothing to do with that, its all about band handling of DLS and timezones. Having written a program that allows users to add events with recurring patterns, its a royal PITA when timezones and DLS come into it, i wish they would abolish DLS completely, its useless (just split the difference one year and then leave it alone).

    We are in the Dark Ages so to speak in WA.


    How will I afford my retirement

      Won't somebody think of the curtains! And cows.

      ...Oh wait.

        Speaking of curtains - we have the same awful pattern as the picture above. Fade on I reckon, they are curtains that deserve to be burnt by the sun!

    Unfortunately we in Qld are prone to fading curtains and confused cows, so we don't use it at all! How did the rest of Australia get around the faded curtain issue by the way? #]

    Fortunately, QLD is one of the sane states which doesn't have daylight savings.

      I love daylight savings. That hour of extra daylight is excellent. It takes almost no time to adjust to the time differences. :)

        Yeah, but I love having that hour of daylight early in the morning -- I love getting up early, before almost everyone else, and enjoying it.

    WA all the way!!!!

    oh and SA IS THE LAND OF....welll nothing....

    Great, so now when the sun starts to set and I begin to think about dinner, all the supermarkets and restaurants will be closing for the day.

    oh no....I hope I don't miss brunch with my friends.

    man, I'm so glad we don't have daylight savings here in WA. it annoyed me to no end, being more of a morning person normally.

    Here in Qld, my iPad2 and an iPhone are telling me it is 4:20 when it is only 3:20am. Nokia and iMac are OK.

    The people that need to worry are those that AREN'T in a DST zone - most phones change anyway - eg almost everyone I know (on Telstra) in the NT who uses network time will wake up today with their phones an hour fast. Always makes me laugh! Not sure why it happens - they switch from Darwin to Adelaide time overnight...

    I`m in NSW.. wish they`d get rid of it.When I work I get up early enough wnever mind an extra hour!!

    Well, Apple managed to complete screw up their daylight savings on the iPhone again this year. Sure enough, despite setting the timezone correctly, Apple decided to adjust for daylight savings on my iPhone... only problem, the timezone is Brisbane!

    Stupid worthless braindead Apple strikes again. Can't wait for my contract to expire so I can junk this piece of crap.

    Arghh me too!

    Thanks Apple. Got to work an hour early! Smart phone?

    I'm in Melbourne and my iPhone updated fine on Sunday, but now on Monday it's gone another hour ahead :S so if it's set to automatically set the time i'm 2 hours ahead of non DST time!

    Another one bites the dust.... Me too - Melbourne at 1:06pm with the iPhone showing 2:06pm......

    Calendar officially scrooted... Fix from Apple would be welcome!

    OK..... Worked with Apple on this one - they were saying a manual reset of time in the clock or re-synch with 'home' iTunes computer would be needed....

    However..... To quote 'The IT Guys' - 'have you tried turning it off and on again?.....'
    works!!!! Confirmed approach with the extremely helpful Ryan (L2 Support) in Apple's Singapore Call Centre.... Couldn't be easier (other than having Apple fix [AND TEST] the firmware ready for next year)...

    cannot for the life of me get repeating alarms to work. 6.30 am alarm keeps going off at 5.30. non repeat alarms work just fine. is apple going to provide a fix?

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