Telstra Applying $29 Setup Fee To BigPond Bundles

Telstra Applying $29 Setup Fee To BigPond Bundles

Bundling deals are one of the most common tactics used by telcos to attract your business, the theory being that you get cheaper prices in return for spending more money overall. But as Dan over on our sibling site Gizmodo reveals, Telstra is now going to charge a setup fee for customers who add phone or broadband services.

The $29 Bundle Contract Connection fee will kick in from March 7. Telstra argues that the overall savings from taking a bundle will quickly offset the new charge, but nonetheless it signals a more hard-nosed approach to offering services. Hit Dan’s post for the full details.

BigPond Bundles Adding Connection Fee, Dropping Discounts


  • this is nothing remotely new and to most people who use this website im sure Telstra is the greatest evil amongst the ISP’s. I worked for Telstra for 1 and a half years in a Ports, churns and ADSL setup team. there is a $59 base set up fee to connect a new line, if you disconnect that line in the first 3 months you face a further $59 dollar charge (not sure if this is still in effect) furthermore if you want to get your ADSl connected you must be running through a telstra ULL. Furthermore they charge the highest industry prices and give you the worst Quota/connection. why bother with telstra anyways (unless you live out bush. However…. if telstra does not charge the $59 fee whilst setting up a new service and instead charges you a $29 fee then its acutally a win..

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