Telstra Drops Prices For BigPond ADSL

Telstra Drops Prices For BigPond ADSL

Back in June, Telstra increased broadband data allowances for customers who bundled a bunch of other products with their home internet connection. Now it has increased the data allowances and dropped prices on its BigPond ADSL range more generally, but the prices are still only available to customers who sign long-term contracts and take on other services.

One change which we are in favour of is a big reduction in the number of plans from 12 to four, which makes working out what’s on offer a bit easier. The 2GB a month Elite plan, which costs $29.95 a month, has its download speed capped at 1.5Mbps. The remaining Turbo plans all run at up to 20Mbps, and come at $39.95 for 2GB, $69.95 for 50GB, or $89.95 for 200GB. The last two plans are considerably cheaper than their older alternatives (200GB previously cost $179.95 a month). (The prices apply to both ADSL and cable options.)

The increase in download caps is welcome, but those prices still require you to sign up for a 12-month contract and keep your main phone line with Telstra, which means a separate line rental fee. Also bear in mind that Telstra always counts both uploads and downloads when assessing usage, a trend which is common but certainly not universal.

Telstra also offers extra discounts for customers who sign longer 24-month contracts and take on additional services. This could represent a potential saving and you’d need to assess your own needs carefully, but being tied down to a single company for a long period won’t necessarily get you the best deal in the long run. If you figure you don’t need a home phone at all, check out our roundup of naked DSL plans.



  • $69.95 for 50GB

    Telstra: Knock another $20 off and you’ll *almost* be competitive with my current ISP ($50/mth for 50+50GB)

    Looks like they may actually do that if you bundle a whole bunch of things with them: $49.95/mth a 24 month plan for customers with BigPond Multiple Product Benefit. Eligible additional services are a BigPond Wireless Broadband service, a FOXTEL from Telstra service or a Telstra post-paid mobile. Also requires minimum charge of $89/mth for the entire bundle.

    Aren’t the contracts and phone line bundling pretty much standard for ADSL2 connections these days? Assuming of course there’s no connection fee in exchange for the contract.

    • This would require a further 24 month contract though. Unfortunately some of us are not in a position to commit to this further period, so once again get the shaft from Telstra. For me this new pricing is simply a slap in the face.

      • I see on the Bigpond website that they are appkying the new prices to old plans automatically.

        “Existing customers on the BigPond Turbo Liberty (2GB), BigPond Elite Liberty (2GB), BigPond Elite Liberty (100GB) and BigPond Elite Liberty (200GB) plans will automatically receive the new pricing available to new customers from 25 July, 2010.”

  • It is a myth. All their plans are for the Elite, high speed broadband and their only plan not for that is worth less than the current Liberty plans.
    There is nothing new or better for those that can only get the 256/64 plans.
    It’s all BS.

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