Telstra Dumps Signup Charge For Bigpond Bundles

Telstra Dumps Signup Charge For Bigpond Bundles

Telstra has backtracked on its plans to charge a fee to customers who choose to bundle phones and Internet service together, on the very same day the fee was set to be introduced.

Nick over at Gizmodo reports that the fee, which was set to be introduced from March 7, was dumped at the last minute. While the $29 fee has now disappeared, Telstra is still changing the overall prices on the bundle offers.

Telstra Not Introducing A $29 Bundle Fee As Planned [Gizmodo]


  • This has to be one of the best aspects of social media – the amazingly fast change that major coroporations will go through to steer clear of bad press. Like the lad who organised the Vodafone Facebook Page in the time he spent on hold waiting for customer service, there are very fast repurcussions these days for making customers unhappy.

  • Only to cover up the 3000-4000 jobs telstra have axed through out telstra, how can the government allow this to happen to petrol up food prices up now thousands of people out of a job. Enjoy the customer service you are about to experience australian citizens

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