Telstra Ups Shaping Speeds On BigPond Broadband Plans

Telstra Ups Shaping Speeds On BigPond Broadband Plans

If you don’t fancy excess usage charges, shaping remains the most palatable alternative. BigPond customers on Telstra’s more expensive plans will now find the experience a little less painful, with shaping speeds increasing fourfold from 64Kbps to 256Kbps.

Jenna Pitcher at Delimiter reports the changes are part of a broader set of “customer service improvements” at Telstra, which also includes the ability to transfer BigPond email addresses if you change services. The updated speeds, which apply to the Elite and Ultimate plans, haven’t yet appeared on the BigPond site.

While a welcome improvement, that certainly doesn’t make BigPond the fastest shaping option on the block; some ISPs shape connections to 512Kbps or even 1Mbps (TPG and Exetel, for instance).

Telstra ups customer service offerings [Delimiter]


  • I’ve recently switched from TPG to Telstra. Why? Cable broadband *actually* hits speeds of up to 38mbps, unlike ADSL2+ which only ever hit 4mbps at our house. Ping times in games dropped by half and reliability is up massively. We get a 10% discount on our Foxtel and Phone bills that easily makes up the price difference. Couldn’t be happier with my new, faster internet connection. Thank goodness they’ve finally fixed Sol’s pricing policies.

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