Optus Doubling Data On Prepaid Broadband Recharges

Optus is offering double the regular data amounts on recharges above $30 for its prepaid mobile broadband service (so that's 2GB for $30, 4GB for $40 or 6GB for $50). The deal only runs until February 1 so you'll need to be quick, but it could be handy if you're a regular user of the service. [Optus]


    All these increases in data are a trap, and only degrade performance for existing customers.

    They should come with a caveat. "Unlimited Data providing you get can get a signal and any bandwidth"

    This really needs to be looked at.

    Nice one Bill. No wonder Australia never makes sustainable gains in internet speeds. Retailers have fire sales on download capacity until the bandwidth is all consumed.

    Ever so sick of Telcos and the way they treat their customers. Fire in Cairo.

    12GB on telstra. All useable without a problem

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