Optus Wireless Broadband Declines In Value

Optus Wireless Broadband Declines In Value

OptusKey.jpgWhen Optus launched its prepaid 3G broadband service back in August, we noted that there was a nasty catch: usage was charged in 10MB blocks. Now Dan Warne at APC reports a new and nastier twist: the value of recharges on the service has just been dramatically reduced, with (for instance) $30 now getting 1GB of downloads rather than 2GB. Telstra’s rival prepaid service is the main alternative, but also comes with a sting due to its 30-day expiry rules. The moral? As ever, choose carefully before going prepaid.


  • Want to Test Next G Network Data Service for a Month?

    I spoken with a T$ dealer and you can sign up for a non contract post paid SIM with only a Data Pack which is much better value then the prepaid SIM with a data pack. This means that you can cancel the SIM any time and sign up again anytime also. Best of all if your mobile has HSPDA you can use your phone as a Modem on the Next G network up to 7 Mbps. The prepaid USB Stick T$ offer can only run up to 3.5 Mbps.

  • Why, that’s interesting. I wonder if that’s an intentional cannibalization or two departments not communicating. It’s important for carriers to have profitable/sustainable programs, however, changing terms and value so quickly is not a good sign.


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