Optus To Stop Calculating Prepaid Mobile Broadband Data In 10MB Chunks

Optus To Stop Calculating Prepaid Mobile Broadband Data In 10MB Chunks

One of the more annoying features of Optus’ prepaid offering for mobile broadband is that it counts data in 10MB chunks, which means your usage can ratchet up fairly speedily. That will change from late April, with Optus switching to a slightly more reasonable per MB charging model.

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After seeing mention of this on Twitter, we contacted Optus and it confirmed that the change is coming:

Effective 25th April 2012, Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband will move from charging data at 10MB increments to 1MB increments meaning data will now be counted in smaller increments to ensure that customers are getting the best value from their service.

Contract customers still get counted per kilobyte, which is even better, but this is still a welcome improvement.

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  • To be fair, it’s only rounded up to 10mb blocks _per session_. I’ve found that 3G watchdog and my optus billing of my usage are close enough together that it doesn’t matter to me at all. Could be worse where your 3G connection drops in and out a lot (or you turn it off and on a lot). That, and I haven’t really come close to my 5GB in 45 days anyway (woolies mobile $29 cap FTW).

    • Yeah i’ve never used more than half of my 5gbs of data. I’ve moved all of my texting duties to whatsapp… except for those few who think 99c costs too much for an app when 3 and a bit text messages cost the same. I’ve had to buy the app as a gift to one of my friends. People are crazy.

    • From my understanding this only affects direct Optus prepaid mobile broadband customers. Customers of Optus resellers don’t necessarily have their data calculated the same way that Optus does. I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that Virgin charges per KB.

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