Optus Bumps Up Data Cap On Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans

Optus has upped its game on its prepaid mobile broadband plans by increasing the data allowance and making changes that customers will be pleased with. Here are the details.

The data allowance for recharge values across the board and increased the time for customers to recharge and rollover their unused data before they expire. The limit for rollover data has also been upped from 36GB to 50GB. Good news for all.

Finder.com.au has broken down the information in a neat little table:

Recharge Included data Expiry Old allowance
$10 1GB 7 days 300MB
$30 4GB 30 days 3GB
$50 7GB 365 days 5GB
$130 22GB 730days 15GB

The $80 for 8GB recharge has been canned but considering the $50 one offers better value, we doubt it will be missed.

[Via Finder.com.au]


    Hmmmm. Something's fishy. I just recharged on the $130 option today expecting the revised allowances and I only got the old amount of 15GB for 12 months.

      Follow up. After a LOT of hunting around for the right contact details and spending 45 mins on chat I finally got the cap lifted to 22 GB. Shouldn't be this hard, surely?

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