Big W Has 365-Day Vodafone 3G Bundle For $99

Big W Has 365-Day Vodafone 3G Bundle For $99

Looking for an occasional use 3G dongle? From now until January 12, Big W is selling a Vodafone dongle for $99, complete with 3GB starter data plus an additional 12GB that doesn’t expire for 365 days.

As a quick look at our casual use 3G broadband Planhacker chart demonstrates, that top-up alone normally costs $150, so it’s a pretty a good deal. Of course, you’ll also need to consider whether the network is reliable enough for your needs.

Big W [via OzBargain]


  • I suggest very strongly that you DON’T have anything to do with Vodafone. I got burned big-time by them and their customer service is virtually non-existent. Google Vodafone problems for class-action suits currently being considered. Stay away from them until they improve.

  • Vodafone must be nearing the point where the DFT/ACCC does them for advertising services they don’t /can’t deliver.

    Even if it was free, getting a GB from Vodafone is like unicorns to fly.

  • The way it reads to me is that all the 15GB is included then if you recharge it will last for 365. I’m inclined to think the initial 15GB will run out after 30 days.

  • It was sold out at Big W, but they directed me to Dick Smith Electronics which had the same deal going.

    3GB startup which lasts for 1 month, and a $150 Vodafone recharge voucher which gives you 12GB data, which lasts 365 days.

    You can roll-over unused data by recharging before the expiry date, so it’s 365 days + the initial month.

    And a bonus Michael Clarke skin for your modem…

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