Vodafone Network Problems May Lead To Class Action

Vodafone Network Problems May Lead To Class Action

Variable performance on Vodafone’s network is a common complaint amongst Australian customers, and the site Vodafail.com has served as a central rallying point for those issues. The next possible step? A class action against the carrier.

The ABC reports that law firm Piper Alderman is examining whether customers can launch a lawsuit against Vodafone because of network problems. The Vodafail site has attracted more than 1,000 complaints since launching.

I stopped using Vodafone for data myself earlier this year because of ongoing network and software problems, though as my contract had expired that didn’t lead to any major complications. Vodafone has said it is working on major network improvements, but that in itself may not be enough. Had your own Vodafone issues? Still happy with its service? Tell us your tale in the comments.


Vodafone may face customer class action [ABC News]


  • I transferred a couple of months ago and they are hopeless. Which reminds me I need to call them re. the $100 signup credit which never appeared…. back to another 40 minute wait to speak to somebody that can’t help. They seem competitive until you actually move across.

    • I work for a major superannuation fund and our company utilise Vodafone through another company, and it is a discrace. Let alone the mess it creates personal subscribers, Vodafone are causing major embarrasemnt to it’s professional and corporate users. Get your act together. If you want to mess with our clients, you will soon pay with your own!!

    • I live at Cronulla sometimes I cannot connect to the Net for 3-4 days out of 7..I had service put on 4mths ago…8gig max only used up half a gig because could not connnect.then suddenly my monthly bill went from$70 to $260..when it was hardly used.I have wireless internet and I rang Vodafone…they promise to call you back within 15 mins but never call back….and just a few days ago they just simply hung up on me…..I had enough…getting in touch with Piper Alderman solicitors for class action..Dec 27 10.

  • i have sent one of my phones back 6 times and everytime i got it sent back to me i had them tell me the problem was fixed.
    I would check the report that they give you every time and there was always the box that had been ticked saying the phone was repaired. The phone had a problem with the speaker simple i would have thought?! But the report came back saying “software updated” or “battery replaced” stupid things, the 5th time i sent it back i called vodaphone only to be on the phone for 1hour being transferred and transferred and transferred, FINALLY getting through i told them what was happening told them i wanted a new phone and they sent me one….. only to charge me the postage and then a fee for wanting a new phone! I would never reccomend vodaphone to anyone they hire the worst and RUDEST people in their stores who 98% of the time can’t help you! everytime i go into the store they tell me to call the number for vodaphone. I wont even go into what happened with that! its ANOTHER ridiculous story!

  • Vodafone sux. I’ve been with them for over 1year and it’s horible. I get absolutly no recption in my house anywhere. I have to walk around trying to find a spot where I can pick up atleast 1 bar. Talking is totally out of the question as soon as I pick the phone up it cuts out because there is no recption. If I wouldn’t have to pay over 1000 dollars I would have cancelled my contract. I still have 1 more year to suffer with them. I will never again deal with Vodafone.

    • I have been on a Wireless card plan since April. I have to say that it is almost impossible to get on to most sites. Really slow to make a connection and sometimes non existent. Really bad reception in my area.

  • I am so unhappy with vodafone over the last 4 wks i dont know what they have done with the system,but every time i ring someone and that is EVERYONE i have to ring the number 3 times before it gets connected then when it does go through it drops out within 2 minutes.NOT GOOD ENOUGH

  • I joined voda years ago and it cost me my credit rating because there phone service was so bad that within a month I cancelled all contracts on two phones and change to telstra and they charged me a few thousand dollars and refuse to pay it so i got defaulted against…voda should pay out client and not charge them if the service is not what you signed up for

  • Vodafone are indeed extremely hopeless!
    When making a phone call there is more of a chance that it will cut out than not cut out!
    As far as downloading data goes, when testing your connection speed on speedtest.net or any other testing site vodafone is shockingly useless, I test my connection speed and find it extremely rare if I can get download speeds of more than 20 kilobytes per sec (20kb/s) however at 3 or 4 am in the morning I find the speeds can get as high as maybe 500kb/s, this is certainly acceptable but how often would you need to download data at this time?????
    and it is not just the areas which are apparently ‘covered areas’, vodafones coverage is useless in more suburbs than it is up to standards, I have heard telstra is the best, but do we really need to pay triple the amount of all the other service providers just to have the capability to download data without it timing/cutting out???????

  • Since Vodaphone merged with 3 i have had little or zero service and lodged a dozen complaints with 3 mobile and still no service.
    I feel sorry for the current Vodaphone users as i changed all my business mobiles from Vodaphone 3 years ago for terrible service and now i have them back again by default!!!!!! looking again for new provider??? Allan

    • I must agree with you Allan. Every since the 3 and vodaphone merge the three phones I have with 3mobile have ‘no service’ majority of the time. We are constantly turning the phones on and off to try and get some reception. Rarely did we have a problem before that time.

      • I too have had problems since the merge. Even the changeover to Vodafone from 3 was problematic. They cancelled my 3 sim without notice before i’ld recieved my Vodafone sim. My new phone took 3.5 weeks to deliver, not 3 days as specified, then they cancelled my voicemail message without notice so my business line was 3 days without message bank and the list of issues goes on mostly the same as for everyone else.

      • I have pre pay and i went to the store in Chapel to ask when i had thousands free texts and free hours why did my phone always tell me i was out of credit and transmission fail, i did not understand this as i kept topping up as it always told me fail, i then checked my free hours txt and i had huge credits also you do not get the free credits until all the money is used up, my complaint is they are sending the message so you keep topping up therefore one assumes that they have used everything but they have not they said it was because they are the same as three, i have been on hold to them for up to an hour their service is appalling; I have spent so much more than I should have; also I was seeking job and I would answer phone and it cuts off it cuts off all the time and I have to spend and spend to call people back, also I had a bill to pay and the company could not get me so they cut off my power’;

  • Pretty disappointing from Vodafones perspective. I’ve been loyal for over 10 years, but in recent times it seems the service(reception) and the service(staff) has declined considerably in the past few years.

    I recently moved to an area where i literally do not have any coverage. Furthermore, I am located in a densely populated inner city suburb close to several network towers (which are highly visible), and the only response i get from Vodafone is that there must be something wrong with my phone.

    I, of course, have had this independently checked on numerous occasions and all have come up negative to the issue on the phone. Surely HTC as a company wouldn’t want their products being bagged by one of their major suppliers?? Surely..

    What more can i say about Vodafone? Well.. I’m sure I’m not the only Vodafone customer thats sent an sms only to arrive at its destination several hours.. severals days.. months perhaps later? Its infuriating.. In fact, i have lost a lot of opportunities in the past with my work because of it. Reception cuts out at the most inappropriate of times.

    I’m afraid i would be rambling if i air any more grievances, but as a proverbial “little fish” in the sea, the shark that is the multinational Vodafone will see my leaving as nothing more than an opportunity to replace me with an unknowing customer, filling them with false promise.

    I, on the other hand, will need to fulfill my stupid obligation and hang on to dear life for a further 12 months of intense stress and heart ache…

    I sincerely hope something comes of this class action if there is a legal stand point. However, I am positive that the legal kitty at Vodafone is greater than the GDP of most small nations.

    Good luck Piper Alderman and all those that support this class action. I will be watching and listening very closely.

  • Where do you want me to start.. no existant coverage in or near my house,phone at times takes three or four times to make a call phone calls will drop in and out will standing in the same bloody spot!!! And all this after the costumer service people showed me on there computer that there coverage rader was great. Wat a joke. Soon as my contract is up im outer there. Im a firm believer of, if it sounds to good to be true it’s probably someone trying to screw you….Consider my self screwed

  • I’ve been a vodafone customer for 10yrs n never hav I had a problem with them in any aspect, until about 6months ago when I can never get reception, or has reception but wont call or receive calls, can’t connect to internet…. Basically cant do anythin half the time, n then call voda to complain n always get stuck with ‘lara’ n never get an answer out of any1 I eventually talk to…. They are about to lose my business after 10yrs…!!

    • I moved to Vodaphone many years ago and have always sung their praises, But a few months ago i noticed that my phone kept dropping out and it would take me two or three goes to get through,I thought it was my Blackberry playing up but now realize it is the carrier…My contract runs out in june 2011, so Mr vodaphone you have until then to sort it out otherwise i will be changing carriers…GAURANTEED

      • I have not had any problems with them the only complaint I have is because of the region I live in there is no coverage and is constantly on roam and from what I have been told it increases the call costing.

  • Vodafone, Vodash*te……
    Thought it was my phone playing up but now relise the reason its dropping out all the time is cause of Vodafone… No reception and can only access the net sometime, I’m over it. Will being leaving vodafone and going to another carrier

  • I got talked into a Blackberry 18 months ago by a Vodafone rep, and have had nothing but trouble since. The phone either freezes, or the calls drop out, or there is no service at all. It’s crap. I’ve tried contact them several times, either on the phone or email. Nothing. Their system sux! This year I got an iPhone on another carrier, courtesy of a client. Works brilliantly. I’ve kept my Vodafone account alive as clients have that number. I decided to wait until my contract expires before I leave them. I don’t want to pay extra penalties on top of my huge monthly fees for a sh*t service.

    • Forgot to mention, that even with reception I don’t get calls. Messages can take 12 hours to be received either by SMS or voicemail. Helpful!! Reception is awesome. I spend so much time sitting in my driveway or walking the street outside my house to talk to clients I’m scared the neighbours think I’ve turned into a peeping tom. After being with Vodafone for 10 years I’m leaving, and so are a couple of others that I know.

  • i lost all my holiday photo’s thru vodaphone+my grandaughters graduation photo’s (no apoligies) or compensation…As soon as my contract is up i’m finished with them

  • My issue with vodafone is the call centre. Every time I call, my blood pressure rises. They have this automatic service, which is painful and it takes ages to get through and when I do, the operator has no idea how to help and all of the sudden the call drops off. It is by far the worse call centre I have to deal with. There is no way that the problem can be fixed on the one call, it takes months for someone to finally listen and find a solution. There’s no respect for the customers anymore.

  • Just recently,I had no 3G (Data) service for about 3 weeks.During that time I called Vodaphone 3 times (approx 25 min on the phone each time)All I was told was that the ‘Network Team’ were looking into it.Eventually I was told that I was in a Low Signal area.While the 3G service is working OK at the moment I am not too confident that it will continue to do so for much longer,as in certain rooms in the my house the 3G service fails.

  • I signed up with vodaphone after being with 3
    well where do I start, This was two weeks ago. I cannot send sms, but I can receive. After spending 2 hours in my local vodaphone shop still not resolved. Was told someone from vodaphone will phone me, which they did 4 in total people from the call centre in Maumbi(can not speak english properly) every time I am asked what is the problem at which I tell them.This is now two weeks and I am still waiting for an answer why I can not send sms ( Which I need for work)I am ready to throw my phone back. I am so angry. I was pleased to see other people were as angry as I am.

  • I rang their call centre to make a complaint and I waited on for over an hour before I gave up and hung up.

    Which incidently I will be doing when my contract with them expires in May.

    Their customer service is a joke !

  • Perhaps I am one of the few ‘lucky’ ones, but I have had my fair share of issues with Vodafone themselves. When I first bought my iPhone 4, attempting to surf the net in Sydney (mainly Chinatown district) would often be slow and unreliable (though that issue seems to be resolved). In another instance, my online services account was locked out for some bizarre reason, and I had to contact customer service- by the second try (which I probably waited for over 2 hours total), I did get through to someone, and I was lucky enough to talk to someone who quickly resolved the issue (Though it was from an overseas call centre- no disrespect to that helpful person). I’m currently on holiday in Robina (Gold Coast, QLD), and 3G service is nigh accessible, most of the time staying on EDGE. I’ll be keeping tabs on this lawsuit.

  • hi i am with 3, i believe are one and the same can you let me know please, as i have been so frustrated with the dropping out and redialling i have to do on a daily basis ,my husband , myself my son,and another friend are all very angry with this service that makes 4 for this email alone, if need be there will be 4 emails to confirm our complaint, but i need to know if this is a voda phone complaint that’s connected to 3

    • So much for the good ‘3’phone service we used to have. I have just been cut off half way through an important conversation for no reason.My location and signal strength is excellent yet i was still cut off. NOT HAPPY!!!!

  • i have been with vodafone for as long as i can remember. i got an iphone and it now fcuked up and vodafone wont do a thing about it.. its not apples job coz i bought it from voda so they should be helping me.
    plus i have hardly any reception anymmore & vodafone just sucks generally…

  • Vodafone calls are not too bad but their data (3G) is shocker. I sent them an email on this issue and they sent me a list of around 20 questions that were so technical that I could not even understand. I think that was a deliberate attempt to put me off. I then rang their data service. They asked me a few postcodes in Melbourne where I believed service was the problem. I gave them only one postcode (where I live) has a problem and gave them other six where Vodafone is 3G is fine. The tech guy puts me on hold and then tells me that all the postcodes have problems because Vodafone is “upgrading” the network. 🙂

  • Moved over to Vodafone on a coporate plan a month ago. worst thing ever did. The quality of the network is terrible, sounds like you are talking under water. Got the Iphone 4 we all did. terrible. we went back to vodafone to complain and ask for a new phone or swap to 3 but they refused as if to say tough luck. Quality of the service is terrible. Hope something is done about it as I cant wait for 2 years to use this rubbish network. Sometimes the call fails up to 6 times calling the same person. worst time is when you are in a queue to talk to someone and there is a wait, line keeps cutting out.

  • It takes me several attempts to get onto someone.My phone cuts out after a few minutes of conversation.My voice messages are not getting through .My text messages are not going through. I cannot use my internet on the phone because they will not unlock my prevous phone .They sold me my plan and promised me that I would have access to the net I have been paying for it and I cannot use what I pay’d for,or send out on it.The staff @ Robina Town Centre QLD. Won’t assist .

  • I’d like to know how VF could go from having one of the best data networks (pre-Telstra NexG) in the country to one of the worst. I use to work for one of VF’s contractors about 6 years ago and they were excellent on the data and customer service front. Hence I switched to them from Telstra. My how the mighty fall!!!

  • I honestly have no idea what everyone’s problem with Vodafone is. I’ve always been with them since I got my first phone some 8 years ago or so, and have never had any problems with reception or calls dropping out. Admittedly I basically use the phone only ever for messages, and calls are generally received rather than made. The only real complaint I could make is that the other morning I got a phone call that woke me up at about 10:00 and it was an automated call from Vodafone advertising some crap or other I was uninterested in.

  • I can’t even complete a conversation without being cut out, interrupted with disturbance, suddenly no network signal and the list goes on. This is daylight robbery !

  • Been with them for years. Always had a few drop outs. I can live with that – just. Data connection a bit iffy. Then i sent a group SMS on Christmas day. Phone said it failed. Tried 3 times and gave up. All 3 suddenly got delivered 2 days later – after midnight! All my friends are unhappy from being woken up now. Not happy Jan.

  • Been with voda many years,recently got iPhone 4,now that was a lemon day one,it took 3weeks many calls to India but finally voda replaced with HTC desire.overall was happy on the service and outcome.

  • Been with them yrs,others were same stop outs etc.recently got voda iPhone 4,wow a real grapefruit.within 2 weeks voda reply with HTC desire-4me great service and truly great reception.calling India was frustrating till finally goof English speaking consult solved prob.I’m happy.

  • Finally i get some payback this is fantastic.

    They never delivered the product for 9 weeks refused to cancel and kept telling me it would come. charged me anyway

    They incorrectly described by my plan to me then they overcharged for excess data usage $650 despite being told i was shaped after 5GB, I am yet to see any form of contract as it was through there online store,

    My phone drops out constantly cant receive picture messages and all sorts of other kinds of technical problems… Data services usually don’t work despite full signal strength on 3G

    Customer service is the worst i have ever had, they constantly blame the system( the system they developed***This is no excuse Vodafone if it dose not work fix it***

    Anyway 6 months left on my contract and i am happy to say never, never, again will i be a customer of Vodafone. they have the worst customer service ever and your network performance is even worse.

    Just counting the months down to end of contract.
    I am joining a class action to BTW

  • I have been with 3 for the past 6 years and only had minor hiccups that they always sorted out. After the merge with vodafone my reception is dicey, i have to dial people 2-3 times before i get a connection and then it just drops out for no reason. When i re signed with 3 in May they never mentioned there was going to be a merge with vodafone. Think i got sucked in.

  • i took a trip to foster four weeks ago could not get a signal was their three days had to use a land line phone, also the billing is bad they debit my credit card every month they charged me a late fee tried to sort it out with the people in india had no luck thier that was December payment so i got them to take me off direct debit. but for sure the mobile service is real bad

  • I have had some dropout and slow SMS deliveries, which maaaaaybe I could have put up with for a while, but the data issue is BS !!!!

    Trying to load a page on my iphone is so frustrating …. freezes half way through etc etc etc …. making browsing completely impossible !!


  • Ladies and Gents,

    I would like you refer you to the following website:

    That is the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. If you do not know what the Ombudsman does, google it.

    Once you have tried, tried and tried again to deal with Vodafone, contact the TIO; explain your situation AND BE POLITE. I MEAN THIS.

    THE TIO IS NOT WITH A PHONE COMPANY. They are there to help you, do not abuse them, do not be rude to them.

    The TIO has the ability to arbitrate any disagreements between you and your phone company.

    Please do some background reading before contacting the TIO, this will help you with your issue as they will be able to tick and flick the application/complaint if you do it correctly.

    I’m hoping once the updates on their network are done, Vodafone will be usable again, but at this point my data connection is nigh on unusable 🙁

  • i have had continue problems with vodaphone. when i on the phone it will disconected mid conversation i have no reception most of the time and i live in a highly reception area. sometime i just cant make any call and always switch my phone onto offline then back online just to make one phone call soo annoying so over it.

  • I signed up for $19 each a month for myself and my wife but they charging us $29 each a month. It takes 55 min to get thru to customer disservice and they tell us they’ll fix it but for over six months now,nothing is done. we keep on paying what we supposed to pay so the “arreas” keep pilling, but who cares. Imagine u r on call to work and ur employer cant get thru to u cos u r on Vodafail.I think enouhg is enouth.

  • I switched to Vodafone last October. As I use my phone for work I specifically asked about coverage for my street in Jannali (previous poor coverage with Optus but Telstra is OK). I get one bar to no service coverage and virtually all calls drop out. It is hopeless !

  • HI,
    i just trasnfered from three, three was hopless always call drop outs and plus data roaming charges, vodaphone are just as bad half the time i have 4 bars and 3g and data wont work, in my house just get 1-2 bars aroudn the city lucky to get 2-3 bars sometimes i get calls and i cant hear the other person!

  • plus was on hold for 2 hours today and they guy just said wait 24 hours all will be fixed there is a problem with the net work i said i know last 3 months since i joined ive had problems!

  • Try boronia coverage vic… i am a vodafone client.. for 6 yrs plus.high end usage. too . i can see the tower with vodafone/3 ?? whats the prob? can you fix.. it or NOT ? Please advise..??

  • I have been with Vodafone for years and all I can say is they sure aren’t what they used to be. The used to be friendly and helpful now they’re short and rude – do they even know what customer service is anymore? I don’t know who’s monitoring their calls for training purposes (as we’re always told in the recording) as they sure aren’t picking up on their staffs short and rude approach to their customers.

    I hate using web browsing on my vodafone mobile. I can spend an entire lunch half hour just hoping to connect, many times going back to work without getting online at all, I’m sick of seeing the connection timed out message! Not to mention the messages I send to friends that never arrive, where do they go? I’m know I pay for them.

    It also seems my credit runs out very quickly for someone who makes minimal phone calls, maybe 2 per week, I mostly text message. I used to have a plan with Vodafone but after experiencing their never ending fees I decided to go prepaid. Which was also a mistake no rewards, no extras (my friends win something everytime they recharge with optus) no free calls to 3 (newly joined network) as I’m prepaid. I actually pay more outright for my mobile phone than most people pay on a standard plan for a year but I am not eligable for the free calls between 3 and vodafone, because I’m prepaid. How about rewarding me for continuing with prepaid when I could swap at any time as I have no plan. My dilemma is I can’t switch to 3 as they have no coverage where I live and most of my family who live interstate are with 3 so they can call me for free, if I’m with vodafone, argh.

    Have I mentioned vodafones reception is ridiculous as well, drops out all the time, my partner always has reception but I have to switch my phone on and off in the hope that it will somehow find the mobile tower. Argh Vodafone, from my experience and from what I have read here, it seems you have alot of work to do to win your customer back stop them from leaving vodafone and telling everyone they know how horrible their experience with vodafone was. Bad news spreads like wildfire afterall.

  • I’ve always had problems connecting to line when I’m out of major cities. I live in Canberra and when I’m down to South Coast for example, my Voda phone has no coverage even though I have a full bar signal. Can’t believe the Voda line has such a very limited coverage in many non-remote areas…

  • For immediate release


    SUBJECT : HELP the VodaFone Customers in this country !!!!


    Australians are getting RIPPED OFF ON PURPOSE by VodaFone !!!

    Please Help Us, as VodaFone Doesn’t Listen To Us, Their Customers !


  • Vodafone network appears ovberloaded…sometimes OK, sometimes unavailable. Reporting this to Vodafone is completely self defeating.
    Vodafone billing was initially predatory, data was billed into wrong month at the “exceeded” limit pricing structure…when in fact no limit exceeded. Their “End of billing month” process was flawed. Took months to be corrected. I needed Internet ombudsman to assist with getting pricing corrected. They were very helpful…but this is a long winded process…..even though Vodafone were clearly in error.

    Vodafone staff very hard to deal with.

    Overall, Vodafone is a very bad company to pay as service is poor at best. I only use their data…Mobile connect…service. Suggest customers look elsewhere and try to test service in their area before signing up.

  • In my earlier post on this site I omitted to say that data service problems for me are in Postcodes 6153 (Applecross) and 6280 (Port Geographe) Busselton. Very unreliable service indeed. Vodafone suggest I contact their telephone help desk…not their email….as their email helpdesk cannot attend to connectivity/drop out/slow service issues….just imagine my phone bill if I tried to call them!! My Mobile direct service whilst typing this message is averaging 8.1kbps!!

  • yeah well i was on vodaphone for couple of years and their network has never been brilliant, plenty of country areas you cant get any reception at all. luckily im no longer with them, but i notice on their website theyre are doing amazing deals, but theyre not tellin you about all their network problems. i say buyer beware, nothing is good value if you dont get what you pay for.

  • My phone cuts out ofteh while im on a call with someone, i can never seem to get coverage when i am in a shopping centre, more often i just dont have any coverage for hours, this is quite annoying, what if its an emergency?

  • I have had problems with vodafone for months I disconnected my Internet with vodafone beccause the service was useleyless I have contacted vodafone and the are not helpful

  • I have been a voafone client for over 10 years… average yearly spent $1500 i have a number of clients in the boronia area in victoria…terrible service..

    i have complained over the years.. but alas there never been any improvement…

    Maybe its time to switch carriers…

  • Vodafone has been promising on improving its network and service for many months but there has been no improvement todate. In fact everything has become so much worse! I work in the Sydney CBD in a tall building but all day everyday I have only 1 bar on my phone, with very slow delayed messages and emails. Customer service is hopeless! Vodafone sales dealers ask us to ring 1555 or 1300650410 for any service or billing queries but speaking to someone via these customer service numbers are so difficult in the first place. We’ll have to speak to the stupid Lara who cannot comprehend a thing and then wait for hours just to either have the call dropped or if I’m lucky get to speak to someone and then wait again to be transferred to another department! Vodafone you need to work on your services immediately or else you will lose valued long-term customers such as myself and my parter!

  • It is obvious that Vodafone are in trouble. In the past few months their internet service has gone from just acceptable to down right unusable. I have been with them for about ten years also and am just about to ditch them, so sad.
    PS. this is being done on a Telstra modem borrowed from work as my Vodafone connection is so unreliable I can no longer use it.
    If anyone in Vodafone reads this WAKE UP! YOUR DAYS AS A PROVIDER ARE LIMITED.

  • It appears… they don’t care.. i was in a meeting.. with.. 15 plus.. and with a video link . vodafone…do the numbers within our group… its nearly.. 300k.. per year.. there are lots of talking..maybe you want us to go to another carrier… one thing.. tho.. within our group..one company is in the uk.too. with and their overall spend far exceeds here.. but many times.. vodafone.. its not only here.. so back to senior management & the CEO of vodafone.. we await your reply..

  • Switched to Telstra a few days ago.
    Now I realise how bad vodafone has been the last few years.
    I now no longer have to copy and paste SMS that failed to resend (resend not work must delete failed SMS).
    I no longer wait after dialling a number what feels like an eternity before the called number starts ringing (note worse when you call other voda numbers ???).
    When the phone says 3G web pages now load since switching over.
    Was a customer for over ten years it is a shame I liked them as a company but their service let me down just too many times.

  • $50 a month for a phone and infinate calls, text and facebook is a mad deal!

    till everytime u go to call someone or cheak facebook u have no reception, which renders ur fone usless… F U VODAFONE -_- people are texting me and i dont get it for like 6hrs after they sent it, not to mention missing fone calls from work!

  • We bought the plan a month ago and it is just plain frustrating! We cannot call out or receive calls 90% of the time and we have to use my landline or skype to make and receive phone calls. We are looking at giving up the plan and changing to another carrier. You can get me on board if there is a class action.

  • I’ve been with Vodafone for over 5 years, in the last year I upgraded to a post -paid plan. Since upgrading I have noticed a significant drop in network reliability and had I not moved to Brisbane. I would be trying to get out of my contract. As it stands I am pleased with the reception in south Brisbane, but going to parts of north Brisbane and especially back to the sunshine coast always causes headaches.

  • I have all sort of problem with my Vodafone Line not recipetian in most area and dropout off I most of my call and over charge. And intrupt my bussines so many times i decided to juin andother company and pay the penalty.

  • Totally agree with all above Vodafone are hopeless and only getting worse had so many issues with them in the past, i have a broadband stick with them that has has problems since day one, was almost on the end of my contract when they suckered me into another promising that this one was much better reception! No still same issues. Now same problems with my phone what a joke! Calling today to get free early exit from my contracts, wish me luck

  • I am having the same problem. Somehow with my new Iphone4 which I just got can receive email message but I cannot sent out message with a note stating that the ‘server has rejected it’. But when I was using my Iphone3 I have had no problem at all. I phoned Vodafone and the staff was honest and told me that they are facing this problem and it should be fixed soon. Hope Vodafone should be able to fix this problem fairly quickly otherwise their reputation will be ebbing away.

  • Hi, i m Vodafone customer from last six years , in Maduravoyal area i m facing network problem from last one month.i logged complaint is 1287848558 but Vodafone does’t solve this problem , i want ask from Vodafone it take how much time to solve this network problem from this area .
    Thanking You

  • I purchased a $2.00 Vodafone Sim Card a few years ago from Dick Smith Electronics, and signed up to the Vodafone Prepaid Talker Bundle, at first I had relatively few issues, but just recently I have been experiencing calls dropping out intermittently, and intermittently, the person I’m phoning being unable to hear me, this happens even when I’m getting good signal strength where I’m located in Darwin NT Australia, the last call I made to someone in England, the call lasted 30 seconds before dropping out, and they couldn’t hear me either, not very happy at all, I understand that Vodafone are working to fix network issues, but really, how long does it take to fix the problems?, I’m seriously considering moving to a new network.

  • Just tried to ring someone in England, phone call dropped out as the person I was callin answered, the call didn’t even last more than ten seconds, this is very mediocre service Vodafone, not happy one bit…. 🙂

  • Was a customer of Orange which then became 3 so been with them approx 13 years never had a problem and always had a great reception. Now 3 has become Vodafone so I changed over 3 weeks ago and now get a terrible reception and when in the car can’t get a signal in M5 tunnel. Stupid me signed a 2 Year contract for the worst reception you can get.

  • My iPhone call reception has gone from bad to worse. call drops. only a couple of bars where last year there were full bars. NO BARS at all at times. Stuck on a 2 year plan … would love to class action as I’m not getting the service I am paying for!!!

  • been with orange and then 3 for more than 10 years.out of the blue got a bill for 3000.00 d00lars for 6 gb data usage.never used more than 100mb ever.they turned my service off although i had direct debit.no warning no sms no emails.sick of talking to the call center in india.any one had any similar issues and help me with an australian number where i can ring and complain.thanks

  • I have been a customer of vodafone for about 6 years renewed my contract with onenet last year what a bad bad move. promised all these great deals can not get any network most places as laynie kelly above said standing in my drive to have a conversation to my customers bad day i think no one will leave them but with in the next year vodafone will get hit with great bid bang when all these people leave.

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