Woolworths Selling Vodafone 3G Dongle With 7GB For $50

Another in the ongoing series of Vodafone mobile broadband deals at bargain prices: Woolworths is selling a basic dongle for $50, including 3GB of starter downloads and a 4GB recharge (technically you're paying $49 for the recharge and $1 for the dongle). That's a generous allowance, though the usual strictures about Vodafone coverage need to be considered. [Woolworths via OzBargain]


    Crazyjohns selling USB dongle (850 MHz + 2100 MHz hspa) + 4gb data for 24.50.

    So 49 gets you 2 USB dongle and 8 gb data. Afik woolworths one is not 850 MHz supported.

    Vodafone have been quite competitive since their bad press on coverage/drop-outs.

    Given Vodafone's ongoing poor coverage and bandwidth issues, 7Gb is only good value if you can access it. I can never achieve 1Gb per month on my phone due to poor reception and black spots throughout Sydney.

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