Dick Smith Now Selling Vodafone $99 Long Expiry Broadband Dongle

We recently highlighted a discount deal for a Vodafone 3G dongle giving you 15GB of data to use over a year for $99. Now the same offer has popped up at Dick Smith.

As with the Big W deal, 3GB of the data has to be used within 30 days, but the other 12GB runs for a year. That makes it a pretty good "insurance" dongle, presuming that you have confidence in the Vodafone network. The deal runs through until January 19.

Big W technically has the same offer on sale until January 12, though one reader commented on the earlier post that their local store had sold out and they had been directed to Dick Smith instead. (Both are owned by Woolworths, so the overlap isn't surprising.)

Dick Smith [via OzBargain]


    yea, im not going with this carrier anymore

    Speaking of Woolworths, the same deal happening there at the moment.

    love this, "presuming that you have confidence in the Vodafone network"

    What if I already have a dongle? Can I just buy the plan for cheaper?

    can we use the dongle on an ipad to get 12 mo internet? or is this another limitation of my ipad (no usb)...again? get the service on a sim card?

      I imagine that if you cut down the SIM, it would probably work OK (might be good to connect it via a computer first to make sure it's functional and authorised). Haven't tested it though.

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