Millions Now Using Wireless Broadband

Millions Now Using Wireless Broadband
3gvodaSeems like high costs and buggy software haven’t put Australians off mobile broadband, with more than 2.5 million of us now using some sort of 3G dongle.

In its results released today, Telstra said it had more than one million broadband customers. Last week, VHA (the corporate name for the combined Vodafone and 3) said it had 926,000. Back in May, Optus announced it had 652,000 3G broadband customers.

If you’re one of the other 17 million, check out our guide to the best options.


  • Of course the uptake has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that in some areas Telstra is refusing to increase port capacity at its RIMS / exchanges, forcing uses to pay extortionate mobile broadband pricing rather than provisioning them with ADSL.

    • “Irritated” is absolutely right.

      I have 3 friends who’ve all bought houses in new developments. None of which can get ADSL because tel$stra have pair-gain’d the whole area to save money.

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