Full-Length Shows From The ABC Now On YouTube

Full-Length Shows From The ABC Now On YouTube

The ABC’s iView service is already Australia’s best practice when it comes to online TV, but now the national broadcaster is offering full-length episodes of some of its older shows via YouTube as well.

There are separate channels on offer for comedy, documentaries and entertainment. Shows with episodes currently available include recent favourites such as The Gruen Transfer and older classics such as Aunty Jack, though the number available for each show varies. Game fans will also be pleased to see Good Game on offer.

iView remains a more sensible pick for current shows (especially if your ISP doesn’t count them against your download quota), but it’s nice to have older episodes available as well. I’m guessing that these will be geo-blocked for users outside Australia; if any overseas readers can tell us otherwise, let us know in the comments. (Embedding is also switched off on every episode we checked.)

ABC launches full-length episodes on YouTube [Google Australia Blog]


  • A good start, but rather a shame that they don’t just go back to offering MP4 and WMV downloads of their in-house produced shows via Vodcast or from the individual program sites. It’s simple, compatible with practically every device, easy to store/record and generally incredibly convenient. MP4 is even happily streamable if encoded correctly.

  • I just tried a few from overseas. The Chaser episodes seem to play as do some of the other comedies, but the other content seems to be blocked. Disappointing really. iView won’t work outside Australia and the ABC’s international version http://australianetwork.com/ is only able to play a small mix of Australian content due to the limited programming time. It pretty much forces people to download content if they live outside Australia and still want to access Australian content that they would otherwise see for free back home.

  • @Anthony, I’d imagine (haven’t tried it, still at work) you would be able to download the episodes off youtube in mp4 format, there are many browser plugins that allow this. We have best of both worlds now, plus I would imagine this is ABC getting ready for mainstream internet TV.

  • @Andrew- just what I was thinking- now I can download, ’cause I never mastered that off iview, but have done so for years off youtube. PLUS, I can view youtube on the internet channel via the wii, which makes this a definite bonus- no great messing around to see it on the big screen. (Last time I tried, all the TV to air stations couldn’t be viewed on the wii internet channel, but youtube could)

  • I assume that this is the ABC’s solution for not providing iView on the iPhone and iPad (due to its reliance on Flash). I’d love iView to be an app, but without, I guess its YouTube.


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