ABC iView Finally Has An iPhone App

We've been waiting a very long time, but it's finally here: the ABC has released an iPhone version of its iView app, letting you catch up with your favourite shows on the go.

There has been an iPad version of iView since 2010, but making the app work on the smaller screen has been a tricky nut for ABC developers to crack, which might explain why promises that the app would appear early this year have taken a while to realise. iView now works as a universal app, meaning the same version runs on both iPhones and iPads. A neat addition is the ability to start watching on one device and then resume on another — handy if you begin watching Randling on the bus but then want to switch to a computer or TV screen back home.

The iView app does allow you to watch over 3G connections, though we'd advise against this with longer shows since you'll chew through a lot of data. In practical terms, many ABC shows are available as podcast downloads and that makes more sense when travelling, but it's good to have the ability to catch iView content on your phone when it's connected to Wi-Fi.

iView is a free download for iOS.

ABC iView [iTunes App Store]


    Double yes

    Just a note of caution for IINET customers. iiView is metered on iOS (It's not on PC or PS3)

    Just a reminder that this isn't unmetered for Internode and iiNet customers. Only the flash-based website is.

    If you're low on quota, do what I do and use a program that can download from iView and sync across. iView Napper

    Strange. Earlier this week I was reading old lifehacker articles about the iView app. And couldn't for the life of me find it in the iTunes store. (I can now!)

    How many years do we have to wait for the Android equivalent? As much as I love Auntie they are so Apple-centric it's sickening.

      iView already works on Android, just use the normal website. Haven't had any issues.

    When the ABC Google Plus page warned that there were some big news yesterday I posted "iView for Android"- it got a few likes :)

    This may actually convince me to get an iphone. I use iview on my ipad more than I use my TV, but I don't always have it with me.

    Normal site works perfectly on my android Xperia s over WiFi.

    it's late... but it's still faster than every other network... why don't they just make an australian version of like hulu or something and combine all the channels iptv offerings together! and make it work on EVERY DEVICE - iOS, android, googletv, samsung apps, lg apps, viera connect, sony video whatever etc.

    I think the biggest change wasn't the app was created, but the video files went from Flash format to MP4.

    It seems ironic that the ABC, where you are not even allowed to mention a commercial brand on air, pitches everything at the iPhone, which is a single proprietary platform, while ignoring Android, which is a free, more or less generic OS, supporting multiple devices.

      +1 irony

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