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How to Make Chicken Salt, The Great Aussie Spice

Order some hot chips from a fish’n’chip shop in Australia and you’ll be graced by the quintessential Australian spice: chicken salt. If god forbid your pantry’s run out of this great spice, there’s a super easy two-minute tutorial by YouTube channel Free To Cook to save you from having to…

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Stream Music From YouTube With These Mac Apps

Google has made it harder to use YouTube as a music player over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. A number of the extensions and apps that allowed you to stream music from YouTube without watching videos slowly went away into the ether. At the same…

How To Automatically Add Chapters To YouTube Videos

How To Automatically Add Chapters To YouTube Videos

YouTube has a new “chapters” feature allowing creators to timestamp specific spots in their videos to allow users to jump around to the most important parts without having to watch someone babble for ten minutes first. (Though that’s probably not how the YouTubers would put it.)