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Eight years ago, musician Nick Pittsinger made Justin Bieber's "U Smile" sound like ambient pop band Sigur Rós by slowing it down 800%. Bieber haters celebrated this beautiful edit, and ever since then people have been slowing down songs by 800%, 1000%, or more, and uploading them to YouTube and SoundCloud.

The genre's smooth sounds and lack of discernible lyrics makes it great background music for creative work, so we've collected some of the best in a YouTube playlist, "All Music Sounds Good at 1/10 the Speed."


You've subscribed to their YouTube channel, you've smashed that like button countless times, and maybe you've even donated some cash to their Patreon. Still, you have to listen to the same exact video intro all YouTubers use for some reason every single time. Behold, two hotkeys that will save you from having to hear "Hey, what's up guys?" ever again.

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Thanks to Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, more people becoming aware of "microtargeting" campaigns on social media. Used by pretty much every company on the internet, these are designed to change your behavior. They might be encouraging you to vote for a certain candidate or to buy certain products.

But what role do influencers - the celebrities of Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat - play in all of this?


YouTube has announced a major shakeup in its premium subscription and music streaming services, ditching the YouTube Red brand and making a push to offer both paid and ad-supported versions of its offerings across the board. And it's all happening today. Here are the details.


It's easy to find movies to download or stream; even for law-abiding popcorn munchers! If you're flying straight and narrow or want to support and watch films that are free, public domain, or whose creators want them free and openly shared, here are some great sites to bookmark - and visit when you want something new to watch.


To the uninitiated, the very concept of a "YouTube celebrity" doesn't make a lick of sense. How do these jerks earn so much money by talking bollocks and playing games on a free video site? As it turns out, the work that goes on behind the scenes is surprisingly complicated: everything from video equipment to content branding plays a large role in the success or failure of a channel.

If you're looking to get rich on YouTube - or just want to attract an audience that goes beyond your family and friends - this infographic breaks down everything you need to know.


Where do you go to waste time on the internet? Facebook and Twitter, the usual default answers, are exhausting. Scrolling through them feels like work. "I don't know how to waste time on the internet anymore," says Dan Nosowitz in the internet-culture blog Select All. We agree with him that it's way too easy to get trapped on boring and negative social feeds. But we don't agree that the internet doesn't have any fun, crazy places left. If you've forgotten how to waste time online, try these sites and happily while away the hours.


About a year ago, we started binge watching a single show at a time at my house. We typically pick something with at least four or five seasons, and then whenever we're looking to "watch something" the answer is always the next episode of that show. Yes, we stray from it to catch new episodes of other programs, but having that "one program" helps eliminate the need to scroll through television offerings and suggestions to find something when we're really just looking for something to play in the background.