ABC To Broadcast Doctor Who On iView Immediately After UK Transmission

We thought the ABC was doing OK by promising to broadcast Series 7 of Doctor Who within a week of its UK broadcast, but the national broadcaster has just announced an even better plan: it will make the show viewable on iView within an hour of its UK showing, and a week ahead of its first TV broadcast in Australia.

The episodes will be released on iView at 5am AEST each Sunday. It will be broadcast as planned on ABC1 at 0730pm the following Saturday. I imagine lots of family viewers will wait, but for anyone keen to avoid spoilers, the iView option is a great solution.

I'm going to go right ahead and say it: under these circumstances, anyone who doesn't watch the iView broadcast and chooses to download is seflish and stupid. I'm aware some of you will complain about the lack of an HD version, but you can wait on the DVDs for that. The ABC deserves to be commended for taking viewer needs seriously — it's certainly more than any commercial network is offering right now.

ABC to premiere new Doctor Who series online within an hour of international release [Mumbrella]


    And suddenly the pirating of doctor who by australians was reduced to near zero...

    Someone should send this to the "douche" over at News Limited....

    and that my friend is how it is done!!!


    Congrats to ABC, definitely wont need to download via other means now, i don't think my fiance will appreciate me getting out of bed to watch it at 6am though :).

      That is what the iPad app is for!
      You can then stay in bed and watch it :) Just don't forget the headphones.

    I was reading this article:

    Seems a little confusing - they're showing Asylum of the Daleks on the 1st, and then STARTING season 7 (including Asylum of the Daleks) on the 8th? Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but it sounds like they're repeating the first episode.

      Wait, I see what I've done there. I'm mixing up "iView" and "ABC" being written in subsequent paragraphs. Sounds good to me!

    Considering how poor our reception for FTA is where we are (unless we pay for Foxtel via satellite), this our only method for watching (apart from downloading). Very happy about this!

    honestly I was going to start grabbing it from the torrents. I have waited in the past but really keen on this season for some reason. but now that the ABC has done this; happy to be up early to watch it via iview.

    I predict iview will crash.

      That would be unfortunate

    How much this costing the ABC extra?
    Clearly you would need to pay the BBC more to screen it sooner or?

      I don't think so, it was ABC's choice to keep it in the Saturday slot, there was plenty of argument about having Doctor Who in the Sunday night timeslot, which again would have made sense. If you're going to be home watching TV on a Saturday night, you'll definatly be home watching it on a Sunday night along with the other people who usually go out Saturday and just want to chillax on Sunday evening.

    Have they fixed up the PS3 iView application yet? Last time I used it you couldn't use a PS3 remote with it because it was just a glorified webpage (not to mention after you found, dusted off and charged up your controller, the quality was really quite poor).

      It is still just a web portal.....but good enough

    Wait... if we're getting it at 5am AEST, doesn't that mean we're getting it 20 minutes before the UK? Or am I getting my time zones wrong?

      5am AEST = 7pm GMT. But perhaps the UK has daylight savings time, making them GMT+1 at the moment?

    Best reason to not torrent the episodes I've ever had. Thanks Auntie!

    I don't even watch Dr Who and I want to play it on iView just to up numbers and show support.

    This seems like the perfect opportunity to mention the iView plugin for XBMC:

    Selfish and stupid how?
    ABC isn't a slave to the ratings of the shows it broadcasts, is it?

      No, the ABC isn't a slave to ratings (although I'm sure it's happy when lots of people watch, being a TV station and all), but if the iView fast-track gets big numbers (which I'm sure it will) it will demonstrate to all networks that if they actually make an effort to give viewers what they want, then viewers will respond. It will demonstrate that Australians are more than happy to access content through the proper channels when it's just as easily accessible and timely as through improper ones.

      The ABC has no doubt handed over a decent amount of money to be able to access Dr Who episodes immediately after UK broadcast. Continuing to pirate episodes is 'selfish and stupid' because it flies in the face of those efforts to give people what they want.

        I like to think (although I really have no idea) that ABC and BBC are in love with each other and give each other "mates rates" on their home-grown shows.

    Gah, now I wish I had a tablet, as mentioned by several people above. Still, this is great!

      iView works on any computer type

    Awesome move.

    "within a week" != "immediately after".

      Yes, but "within an hour" == "immediately after".

      Did you not read the article?

        I did! It says "it will make the show viewable on iView within a week of its UK showing".

    Also I don't believe it's selfish and stupid to download it (yes, in HD of course), when you don't have the ability to use iview on your TV, as many people don't.

    Awesome. And yes, I would have torrented it.
    For the hardcore fanbase who want to watch it immediately, iView has you covered, and it's a win.
    For the other people that are on the cusp of wanting to download being able to see it on the tv is also awesome.
    Wins all around. Whichever ABC exec made this happen, I'd like to shake your hand.

      +1 This is exactly what Australian FTA stations need to be doing to combat torrenting. Put ads in the front and we will still watch it as long as we can see it within 12-24 hrs of the original air time.

    Now all they need to do is get the iview stream up to a resolution worth watching, and encoded so it doesn't block up like a game of tetris whenever something moves onscreen faster than a snail and it might actually be worth watching...

      If its anything like Good Game on iView then I will be disappoint.

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