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The US non-ratings season is nearly over, which means all your favourite TV shows will soon be returning to television screens. However, whether you'll actually get to watch them depends on the entertainment services you subscribe to. With that in mind, here are five of the most popular shows in Australia -- as voted by our readers -- along with the only places you can (legally) access them.


Hey Lifehacker, I'm wondering if there is a simple way to get my IP re-routed to be recognised as an Australian address? I'm going to be travelling through Europe for several months for business and am hoping not to miss out on ABC iView! My current VPN doesn't have any servers for Australia, and Hola Unblocker doesn't seem to be much help either. Any ideas?


Note for parents: as of today, all ABC4Kids children's programming has been moved off the main ABC1 channel and onto ABC2. The times of several shows have changed, so be sure to check the details if you're planning to use the box as a cheap babysitter treat for your kids.


Most retailers like to boast that their prices are "unbeatable" -- often going so far as to provide a guarantee that you won't find cheaper prices anywhere. But how often is this actually the case? If last night's expose on The Checkout is anything to go by; hardly ever.


The ABC's catch-up TV platform iView has just received a major overhaul, including a revamped interface, improved search functionality, an integrated TV guide and a new Watchlist feature that lets you aggregate favourite shows into a single list. The Android, iOS and web version of the app have all received the update.


The ABC's excellent iview TV catch-up service suffered from an extended outage last night. Aside from slowing down our ability to catch those episodes of QI we missed, that experience also provides a few useful reminders for anyone managing IT infrastructure.


So who is this Doctor person everyone keeps going on about? This monolithic infographic details five decades of adventures through time and space, explaining everything you need to know. Whether you're a die-hard Whovian or a newly generated fan, the results are well worth checking out.