ACCC Takes Optus To Court Over Shaping Disclosure

ACCC Takes Optus To Court Over Shaping Disclosure

Back in June, the ACCC took Optus to court over advertisements for “unlimited” plans that were not in practice unlimited. Now the telco is facing another courtroom stoush over broadband plans where the shaping conditions are said to have not been fully disclosed.

The ACCC announced today that it had begun legal proceedings against Optus for not adequately disclosing that plans would shape connections to 64Kbps after the data allowance was exceeded. Shaping is a common strategy with Internet connections, but the ACCC alleges that “Optus did not sufficiently or clearly disclose, and in some cases did not disclose at all, these qualifications”.

Broadband plans are often replete with conditions, so careful investigation is always essential. For instance, as several Lifehacker readers noted last week, some plans advertised as unlimited have slower speeds than the shaping options offered on plans with a capped plan.


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