• What to Do When Your Laptop Keeps Overheating

    What to Do When Your Laptop Keeps Overheating

    If your laptop tends to overheat, you’re likely familiar with the signs: fans that spin louder than a jet engine, a computer that’s too hot to use on your lap, and the general sense that your machine is fighting for its life. Constant overheating is no way to live with a laptop — in fact,…

  • Ask LH: What’s The Cheapest Way To Hold Onto My Phone Number?

    Hi Lifehacker, I’m heading overseas for 12-18 months and I’d like to keep my mobile phone number active as it’s the failsafe/reset for several online services I use (Gmail, LastPass and so on). I won’t be using it for outbound calls, just to be able to receive the occasional SMS or incoming call for verification.

  • Amaysim Hand-Cutting iPhone 5 Nano SIMs

    One of the minor annoyances of the iPhone 5 is that is uses the nano SIM format, and replacement SIMs are in short supply if you’re not buying on contract through a major telco. Amaysim has confirmed it won’t have its own branded nano SIMs until November, but the MVNO is offering to hand-cut replacement…