iPad Australia Release Delayed Again, Now Due May

Apple still hasn't specified a price or an exact release Australian date for the much-delayed iPad, but it has offered up some new information — the Australian release has been delayed until "late May". The one sliver of concrete information? Pre-ordering will be possible on May 10.

Apple previously offered a "late April" date for local release, and the further delay might well be due to stronger-than-expected demand in the US. Still no official local plans for the iBookstore, or details on 3G partnerships.

Disappointed at the latest delay? Gone off the iPad idea now they're out in the US? Tell us in the comments.



    Another month of being one of the few that bought one back from the USA :)

    Rather than queue up for the launch, I just wondered down the Apple NY at 6am the following day to find the store almost empty of customers and lots of stock.

      I bet the iPad grey markets around the pacific region are loving it... Very disappointed loyal mac users have to wait another month!

    i bought 2 in LA. sold one on ebay which almost covered the cost of both ipads! so i practically got my 64gb ipad for $150. :D

    I think you might have hit the nail on the head. A lot of people were excited by the release, a couple of extra weeks probably were bearable, but another month? When, by all reports, most stores have stock available right now?

    I think a few people will go off the idea (if you consider 20% of people won't buy it, regardless of what you say, 20% will, that leaves something like 40% people sitting on the fence...nearly half off them again, will be turned of by this latest news and will wonder off and look at something else equally shiny...that's a fair number of people...)

    I think I'll be waiting a couple of months over the actual release date now, with this news

      i believe that leaves 60%

    Seriously dissapointed. As an indiviudal that had signed up for the "updates" from the Apple store I also find it um... interesting that this push back was not sent through via email. This announcement has put a real dampner on my enthusiasm for the iPad.

    Hello all,

    Our school had one of the first model Apple computers ever made. Just one, 300 kids, wow! It sat on a desk and I was like a child in a candy store. My eyes lit up and I couldnt believe it, a compoota!
    Years later my father bought me an Apple 2c. I could take it with me and it had a handle on the top, just like a briefcase. The enthusiasm for what I could do on this machine was amazing.
    It could talk. I could write basic code, I played very basic games. Magic. I looked after it was always so excited. Then a Mac 512k. For 4k in 1987, it was expensive. I felt burnt by Apple, they just got too costly. After decades of PC I still avoided the Iphone and bought a Palm. Waste of money.
    I sucummed to Apple, I love my phone. I watched Steve Jobs tell me how good the Ipad was and I was developing the same enthusiasm I had as a child. Silly I know. Im a grown man now.

    What is even worse than the delay is the price disparity we will experience here once they work out how much they can rip us off compared to the states. Particularly given our strong dollar. If the 64 3G is less than $1100.00 AU crack open the champers! I'll be really suprised.

    Apple can choose to have a 'like it or lump it attitude' toward this product, just like they did with the Iphone. They deserve it, the other jokers have been left behind. The attempts at mimicking the iphone so far have been pitiful.

    What chance do we have with an Ipad alternative?
    Answer : None.
    We can all crack it together, but, like alot of pointless excercies, they rarely achieve a positive result. Wait or dont wait? Buy one or dont. Im sure Apple Inc wont loose any sleep.

    I should have just said, I agree with the last caller, I'll wait three months after release too!

    More Apple iPad Australian release information here: http://www.shopordrop.com.au/ipad.html

    I don't really understand the connection between U.S stock levels and release dates to the rest of the world? Please explain. It's pretty damn unethical of Apple to hold the rest of the world to ransom in what appears to be a massive marketting stunt...

    On a semi serious note however, I have come across a couple of forums already of people who have hypothesised about jailbreaking the ipad... considering the cost (or rather..soon to be announced Australian Cost) of the device...do you think as many people would consider doing this as the iphone?


    i feel apple ipad sales may be afffected by this delay in australia.
    the local apples fan base will surely be disppointed with another months wait, but they will que up to get one.
    the business apple will lose is from people like me who may not be a die hard apple fanatic but were caught up in th hype with the US launch and were willing to stay in the line for the launch here, but i dropped that idea this week.

    I confess I'm old enough to remember "compootas" pre-Windows. I think my fist flash drive held more memory than my first work computer. So the iPad. I like separate gadgets. I have a digital camera, a mobile, a MP3 player, so I was looking at an eReader. Big decision. So much competition and being old I like to be able to play with something before I buy. Finally decided on the BeBook when I heard about the iPad. Hmmm! So I thought I'd wait. Then I thought I'd do the write thing and wait for the Australian one and not take the opportunity for a US one early. Now I'm thinking why am I waiting... and then I play with my daughters iPhone and I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas all over again. So I guess I'll wait. Probably by the BeBook anyway. Lugging the laptop around uni is a killer.

    Manhy people may not know that Apple won a big fight for blind people. US Authours refused to allow Kindle to make text to speach software work with their material saying "if blind people want to hear books they can by audio books" which are much more expensive. Apple however said you want your books on ibooks, then blind people have to be able to use them with apples free text to speach converter. Apple are now supported by vision impaired people because of their stance and we were looking forward to the ipad and what it will mean for us. I suppose we have been waiting 30 years for what apple are bringing so another month or two whilst disapointing, is still better than not having it at all.

    my personal view on the ipad is it is overated, dont forget there is a new iphone available in june or july already running the 4.0 os..the ipad doest run 4.0 yet and will need an update when it does arrive.

    what really matters is the catagory the ipad falls into, its not a phone, its not a laptop-its something in the middle and i think its going to be a very expensive something in the middle!

    for the sake of spending $1100+ dollars, i would rather buy a new laptop with 320 gig hard drive and bigger screen, ipad has a novelty factor which is what is attracting people, take away the hype and what have you got left?..little more than an lge iphone/ebook reader!

    i would rather wait for the 4.0 iphone, or the update for my 3gs.. why do you want an ipad?..what do you want it to do?

    Was interested in the beginning. Delay after delay means I am over it. I find this delay a major flaw in Apple's marketing department. I was keen, Apple have simply made me less disinterested because of their procrastination. Pity.

    Guess now its been out so long and chance to read the comments - since have to wait longer for release, may as well wait till they address some of the identified issues - like putting the earplug connector so it doesn't drape across the screen, ability to multi task, - if you need to wait in anticipation for months, its much easier to wait longer after the initial hype has died down

    Just played with an iPad in a Best Buys store in the US. Brilliant, however I will wait to get one when they are launched in Australia due to lack on international warranty if I buy one here. Prices were US$499 for 16GB, US$599 for 32GB and US$699 for 64GB (plus 6% tax). 3G version being launched this Friday, add $129 to the prices above. Will definitely be buying one.

    God I want one, and I don't really know why! Maybe I could rent one and give it back later? Anyway, my biggest question on these is the data cost. The big draw for me is instantaneous mobile newspaper / mag access (without needing a magnifying glass ...) but with so much of Australia still a wifi desert, I can't imagine the iPad will be all that useful without 3G data cell network access, AND clearly you'll have to sign up for a plan to support that .. more $$$ out the door ...

    I'm really in no rush for the ipad 1.0.

    I have no doubt that next year another one will come out with all the things people asked for this year. The same thing happened with the iphone and I picked up a 3G and now should be able to grab a 4.0 when my plan expires in October.

    Just wait, or if you can't, they're on ebay for AUD$1000!

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