What Australians Will Pay For The iPad Mini

Pre-orders for Apple's new 7.9-inch iPad Mini in Australia start from this Friday (October 26), but when you get the device and how much you pay depends on what you order. Here's what you need to know.

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The iPad Mini, which sports a 7.9-inch screen — smaller than the iPad but bigger than other tablets designed to hold in a single hand — comes in three models: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Both are available in pure Wi-Fi models or with a built-in SIM slot (which lets you access mobile networks, including the 4G LTE networks used in Australia).

Here's what we'll pay and what the US will pay.

Model Australia US
16GB Wi-Fi $369 $US329
32GB Wi-Fi $479 $US429
64GB Wi-Fi $589 $US529
16GB 3G/4G $509 $US459
32GB 3G/4G $619 $US559
64GB 3G/4G $729 $US659

Given that the Australian price includes GST, there's no major difference between Australian and US pricing in any case. Hooray!

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The Wi-Fi models will ship from November 2 (and will go on sale in Apple stores at 8am that day). Apple hasn't given an exact date for shipping the Wi-Fi+3G+4G models beyond saying it will be "a couple of weeks later".


    More expensive than predicted. I own a new iPad and it weighs a ton. This may help those that find the iPad too large.

    $509 for a 16GB Wi-Fi/4G???

    WHY BOTHER???? If you're in the market for an iPad, most well just save the extra cash and grab a full sized iPad with Retina Display instead

    Apple officially worse than Capcom. Releasing 3 ipads in less than a year. tsk tsk tsk

      Don't give em ideas man! Otherwise they might start charging $5 for iOS!
      Or charging a dollar everytime you open an app that's already on your phone or ipad!

    $100 for 32GB of extra flash memory. OMFG.

      How about $110 for 16GB extra memory (16GB to 32GB models)!

    i'm getting one as soon as i have the chance. I gave my old ipad to my parter because it was annoying me & i swapped it out for a macbook air.. Now i find myself missing my ipad; only for reading PDF's & ebooks; so this'll fill that niche perfectly for me.

    With the cost of the iPod touch|iPad mini|iPad 2|iPad Retina Display so close it seems pointless to me, I'm so happy with my 16G Nexus 7 - even if they release a 32G version of it with 3G it will still be cheaper!!

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