Aussie Telcos Rush The iPad Micro-SIM Bandwagon

Aussie Telcos Rush The iPad Micro-SIM Bandwagon

One of the more unusual design features of Apple’s upcoming iPad is its use of a micro-SIM rather than the more conventional SIM we’re used to. While it might not be a common format, it looks like it will be before long.

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Mitchell Bingemann at AustralianIT reports that Optus, Telstra and Vodafone have all said they are fast-tracking plans to make micro SIMs available. This needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt — there’s no confirmed release date whatsoever for the 3G-touting version of the iPad in Australia, and there’s certainly no guarantee that any micro-SIM plans that become available will offer the same value as current 3G broadband offerings.

More than anything, it’s a demonstration that telcos don’t want to miss out on Apple’s unparalleled ability to excite consumers regardless of how much they really know about a product or how tightly it locks them in.

Telcos rush to stock micro SIM for iPad [AustralianIT]


  • Hi Angus.

    I’m really surprised that you linked to Adam’s rant about Apple’s closed ecosystem. Do you really agree with his arguments in that piece? You always struck me as a bit more of a level-headed Apple lover, and I’d be surprised if you feel as strongly about the issue as Adam!

    • That is undoubtedly the first time anyone’s called me an Apple lover on Lifehacker. 🙂

      I think Adam does raise an interesting issue there and makes a good case — my own thoughts on the iPad are rather more complicated, but perhaps unlikely to show up on Lifehacker, especially while there’s no concrete Australian release information. (And FWIW, Adam owns a Mac; I don’t.)

      • What do you mean by ‘no concrete release information’? It says on Apple’s Australian web site that it ships late March for WiFi models, exactly the same as in the US.

        The only thing they haven’t said yet is the price.

      • Suppose it’s an interesting indication that when you’re the editor, sometimes the posts you have to make (about new iPhone apps, iTunes gift cards etc) mask your true feelings on the matter! 🙂

        Although, having poked through your post history I found both “Why I didn’t buy a Mac” followed by the aborted “Macbook Migrant” experiment, so maybe I just thought you were softening, although possibly “lover” was too strong a word (what happened to “Macbook Migrant” anyway?).

        Also, for what it’s worth, I’d be really interested in reading the “Road Worriers” thoughts on the iPad.

        • Road Worrier may well touch on the iPad, but certainly not before we have an $AU price and release date, and possibly not until I get to play with one (which will be some time after release given existing travel commitments). That said, if you’re trying to travel with just one device and expect to work seriously on it, the specs suggest the iPad wouldn’t be suitable (no keyboard, can’t connect to other devices, no backup battery).

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