Telstra Offering 365-Day Expiry iPad Plan

Telstra Offering 365-Day Expiry iPad Plan

For Internet connections you only use occasionally, a long expiry period can be a boon. Telstra’s introduction of an iPad plan with a 365-day expiry period expands the options for iPad owners who don’t want to constantly top up their prepaid plans.

The 365-day micro-SIM deal costs $150 and includes 12GB of data. As our iPad plan guide suggests, the Telstra plan matches a similar deal from Vodafone, which also charges $150 for 12 months. Recent revelations aside, the Telstra option is likely to give you better coverage.

As Nick at Gizmodo notes, you can always hack an existing standard SIM for even more data expiry options, but not all of us trust ourselves with electronics and nail clippers.

Telstra [via Gizmodo]


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