Telstra Increases Limits On Prepaid 3G Broadband

Telstra Increases Limits On Prepaid 3G Broadband

Telstra has increased the basic download allowances on its prepaid Next G broadband plans, paralleling recent similar changes for contract 3G broadband. They’re better value, but they’re still not the cheapest plans on the market by a long shot.

The full details of the new plans (which take effect from tomorrow) are on Telstra’s site, but here’s the key new developments in a nutshell:

  • Download allowance on the $40 plan is up from 300MB to 1GB.
  • Download allowance on the $60 plan is up from 750MB to 3GB.
  • A new 3GB plan costs $130 and offers a 90-day expiry.
  • A new 4GB plan costs $150 but offers a 180-day expiry.

If you’re a casual user who needs the extended coverage that Next G offers, then the 4GB/180 days/$150 plan could well be appealing, even though it costs more than the existing 6GB plan. On the other hand, spending a similar amount with Telstra’s rivals over that period would still get you a lot more data — so it really depends on coverage in the areas you’re likely to visit.

Would you pay more for less data but a longer expiry date? Tell us in the comments.



  • Telstra – 4GB, 180-day expiry, $150
    Virgin – 10GB, 365-day expiry, $149

    Seeing as I get very good connection speeds in my usage areas with Virgin, it’s a no brainer!

  • I wrote to Telstra last week complaining about the lousy, short prepaid broadband plans and I think somebody half heard me. What a pity they don’t know how to compete price-wise in the market!
    This a first past the post modem market. Unless they can sell the modem, which is about $100, they are doomed to be losers because the high entry cost is a barrier to switching between providers.
    Time to sellout.

  • while they do certainly cost more than other providers, they also have the network.

    Why are you always so negative about good changes that Telstra have made?

  • It should also be noted that the $130 (3GB 90 day) and $150 (4GB 180 day) credits are currently only available to purchase via electronic voucher (i.e. at supermarket, Auspost), they don’t come up as options with other payment methods.

    Apart from this inconvenience the announcement is good news for those of us who have no option other than Tel$tra.

  • Doesn’t really matter how expensive Telstra are or how few kilobytes they choose to allot their long suffering customers, because once you get out of the metropolitan areas, coverage alone dictatest that it’s Telstra or nothing.

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