Vodafone Prepaid 3G Broadband Plans Up The Price Ante

Vodafone Prepaid 3G Broadband Plans Up The Price Ante
Vodafone has joined Telstra, Optus and 3 in offering prepaid broadband options — but as with most providers, you’ll pay extra for the privilege of not paying all the time.

For $149, Vodafone will sell you its USB Internet stick and 500MB of credit (though that’s being upped to 2GB until June 30). Top-ups cost $19 for 500MB, $29 for 1GB or $49 for 3GB; each has a thirty-day expiry.

That’s substantially pricier than Vodafone’s prepaid options, which offer 5GB a month for $39.95. But if you don’t foresee yourself often using the service, it might prove cheaper in the long run. Vodafone’s recently upgraded coverage might also make it more tempting, though Telstra still outstrips it in that regard, and 3 offers a 12-month expiry option, albeit with much higher charges when you drop off the 3 network.

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  • How about providing this kind of value for those of us actually on a phone plan.

    I’m rather disgusted at Voda chaging $4 per megabyte on their $79 cap plan. With an option of $9.95 p/m for 100mb. Considering the average web page is often up to a 1mb these days, it means you cant use the device you paid for without getting stung. (I just got an e71)

    Really wish I had read the fine print on that one. It used to be $1 per 5 minutes of mobile internet access.

  • And why, when you have both phone and data plans linked together on an account can you not use the data plan data for your phone plan…i hate when companies deliberately shackle technology.

  • I just got this but I didn’t activate it.
    I called a lovely young lady in India on the help desk to help activate it and she also ported my existing *phone* number to the new SIM.
    I am now using VOIP on my iPhone.
    Note that the prepay BB plan allows calls IN but not out and only allows 15 SMSes per recharge as I understand it.
    Also note the new APN for this service of vfprepaymbb
    I just cant believe voice call costs. I’m doing it as an experiment to see how low I can get the costs to go…
    FYI I’m using Pennytel for my VOIP..

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