Telstra Tweaks Mobile Broadband Allowances, Adds Shaping

Telstra Tweaks Mobile Broadband Allowances, Adds Shaping

880U_BigPond_DSC2844[1] .jpg Having changed and simplified its pricing for Next G mobile broadband services back in August and then launched prepaid options in September, Telstra has now made further modifications. Dan Warne at APC reports that Telstra has increased the download allowance on its $89.95 plan from 3GB to 5GB a month, and introduced a casual use plan offering 200MB a month for $29.95, which only requires a 12 month commitment. Perhaps more significantly, on its 5GB and 10GB plans, it has dropped excess usage fees in favour of shaping to 64Kbps. All that makes Telstra better value, but still the most expensive option around — though given its coverage, there is an element of ‘you get what you pay for’. If you’re looking to get a 3G broadband service, don’t miss our guide to choosing the best 3G broadband deal.


  • Bigpond and telstra are different providers.
    You keep mixing the 2 up.
    Telstra introduced prepaid and you showed a bigpond modem.
    Bigpond has changed plan prices/alloance now not telstra

  • Not sure where you got this idea Shaun, but it’s not correct — Bigpond is the brand Telstra uses for its Internet products, Next G is the branding for Telstra’s 3G network, but it’s all one company (and if you try and get prepaid wireless broadband from Telstra, you will be using a Bigpond modem, I assure you!)

  • Guys, I’m a Telstra employee. Bigpond is simply the internet arm of Telstra. We’re all the same company. The wireless broadband has the bigpond brand, but works through the Telstra NextG mobile service – which is why it may bear the Telstra logo too.
    Within the company we even refer to Bigpond as “Telstra Bigpond”.
    Do not let the names confuse you, we are one in the same, just different product brands.


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