Telstra Increases Next G Data Plan Limits

Telstra Increases Next G Data Plan Limits

When Telstra upped its download limits on home ADSL plans last November, we couldn’t help thinking that a change in its Next G wireless broadband options would be even more welcome. Remarkably, it has gone and done just that.

From Monday January 18, Telstra has doubled the allowance on its entry-level Next G plan to 400MB, and added a 3GB and 6GB plan to the roster. There’s also discounts on offer for landline customers and hardware subsidies, though those require the dreaded 24-month contract. All the plans now use shaping rather than excess usage charges if you exceed the limits. No word on similar alterations for prepaid Next G so far. As with the previous ADSL changes, existing customers won’t automatically move to the new plans unless they elect to do so online.

Even with those changes, Next G is still the most expensive of the 3G broadband providers and easily the least generous with data allowances, so you’ll need to weigh up cost versus coverage. If you’re in the market for 3G broadband, be sure to consider the key issues before buying.



  • […Remarkably, it has gone and done just that…]

    what have they done? ok not so bad for the very low end users but there is NOTHING for the top level plans, no increase at all in quota, the 10GB is simply not enough for a family of 5… these new plans fall very short of what was being hoped for.

    When you compare these plans to the recent upgraded plans for ADSL/Cable users there is too much of a gap. I am not after a like for like quota that is unreasonable but the 10GB plan should be 20GB at least!

    There are many that use wirelss as their only access option, many of us cannot get ADSL – Wireless needs to be seen as a service on its own and not an addon for ADSL users.

    • I totally agree. I live in central Victoria where there is absolutely no chance of ADSL. Satelitte and dial-up is a joke and the only alternative is Wireless. I’m paying $129.00/month just to get 10GB with a lousy 1.5k download rate. It’s not fair that country users are treated so badly.

      Down the road (15K) in town they get there 60GB ADSL2 plans for just $49 (last time I checked). It’s wrong that they allow this type of inequality.

      • Ah-Jesus… Quit ya whinging. I’m sick of hearing morons like you brag about cheap land in the middle of nowhere (or next to an airport), only to bitch 24/7 that everyone-else won’t bring the city to you. You made your bed, now sleep in it. You choose what you call a better lifestyle, only to complain everyday about how you’re 2nd-rate citizens with supply. Wanting to live nowhere, yet have the world at your fingertips. Wake-up. And once you’re done whining for a second, have a think about the numbers. Population Density means EVERYTHING. If you want Natural Gas, ADSL, or anything require expensive/complicated infrastructure, use your brain & work-out what it costs to supply a 5km road with 10 paying customers, or 200 paying customers… Captain Obvious Says: Those 10 customers should be greatful they’ve even got a service, and respect the cost.

  • To say that Regional user should get the same is simply wrong! If we want innovation this needs to come on a commercial basis. This is what is occurring (although Telstra seem to over charge and under deliver on most of their products). Look at the way Eletricity is provided to a remote user. They pay a per pole rate for the service. maybe it should be viewed the same way for internet. Fibre per meter because this is the only way to provide the service you are looking for at a commercial rate. Don’t think that the world must come to you. By the way great news that my parents who live in Redlands City (yes in town) can get a better deal! They live 200 meters to far for adsl!

    • i live in the bush too and have next g as my connection. there is a fibre line at the top ramp (1.5 kilometres away) this is not connected to any house on my road. i would happily dig the trench with a shovel to get proper internet. But telstra will not cooperate

  • @Ben Anderson. A pretty easy comment to make. I own a vineyard, so I can’t take the vines with me, and town blocks aren’t really big enough. And please don’t make any comments that I can afford it. Most vineyards are losing money hand over fist and are closing down/bankrupt. My wife and I have to work other jobs just to get through the current market drop, and we’re not going to give up after many years of blood, sweat and toil.

    @Ski Racing. Pull your head out! I don’t respect your pay per meter or world must come to you statements. How short sighted are you? Everybody out here on the land is suffering. We dont’ have a water suppy, we have to pay to have it trucked in as there isn’t enough rain, we don’t get broadband, we dont’ get garbage collection, we don’t get any services. We pay through the nose for everything and can only afford simple homes etc… The crops aren’t growing and money isn’t coming in. I’m continually saddened to hear of all the farmers that are committing suicide because they can’t pay their bill. And the bills are huge out here. Land mortgage and rates costs, trucking water in costs, insurance is higher than you’lll pay in 10 years etc… Yet our country water is being diverted to the city just so you guys can water your lawns, wash your cars and fill your pools. The people in the country don’t have the luxuries that you have in the city, just a nice view. Maybe we should all pack it in and move to the city. Then you can explain to you kids in the future why there is no food anymore or it why it costs a fortune importing from overseas, because there are short sighted lazy 40 hour/week a..holes like you who think only city folk should get everything.

    • @Bernie. Just ignore Ben Anderson and Ski Racing. They’re just a bunch of ignorant city slickers who have no idea. We put the food (and the water) on their table, and they have the audacity to disrespect us country people like that. These city people need to learn to save water rather than stealing ours.

    • I can sympathize with your situation, I think its tragic. However I don’t disagree with Ski Racing.
      The fact is that is a lot more expensive to create networks in rural Australia. I actually think rural Australians get pretty well represented in negotiations for data networks and the fact that you don’t pay any extra for telstra services is testament to that.

      As for the viability of Australian farming, thats really a different matter that should be addressed with import tax legislation and such. Not lower broadband prices.

      I hope your business turns around, but in the end if its not economically feasible. You should probably reevaluate your options.

      Im trying to take an objective view but maybe I am biased living in the suburbs.

      • @Magnus. Cheers for the thoughts. But I didn’t ask for a network to be created just for rural users, I know it costs; it cost me $120,000 just to get electricity to the house from my neighbours property. I’m happy to use the existing wireless network. I’m complaining becuase the cost is high when I don’t have any other options, that is, my hand is tied, I have no choice. And I’m complaining that it is only 10GB. Telstra lifted the plan sizes for the lower plans but not the top 10GB plan. It’s not only mobile users who use wireless, there are a lot of us who rely on wireless as our sole option.

        It’s easy to see things differently when your in the city. You have choices, you can use vodaphone, optus, 3 or telstra. You can use wireless, ADSL or cable. We only get Telstra wireless, it’s the only one that is Australia wide and its very expensive. They hold a monopoly and they know it.

  • I’m sure when antiwhinger and ski racer move out of home and get off the dole they’ll see what the real world is like. Even in the “boomtowns” of the Pilbara which are almost single-handedly responsible for the aussie economy not going belly-up, and produce all of WA’s domestic natural gas we still can’t get decent services – not even town gas. Population density through the roof thanks to all the fly-in fly-out camps, even without them it’d be like inner city suburbs, and we can’t even get fresh produce except for road kill. I’m sure if they took a minute to remove their heads from their arses and look beyond their own backyards they might see things in a different light.

  • typical city nuckle dragging dwellers, if it wasnt for the rural areas of australia, you wouldn,t have the power stations for your lights let alone your broadband.

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