Telstra Changes Data Allowances For Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Telstra Changes Data Allowances For Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Telstra has altered charging on most of its prepaid mobile broadband plans, expanding the data allocation on the cheaper plans and offering longer expiry dates for the pricier options.

The table below outlines the changes, which come into effect from October 21 (click for a larger version):

Telstra Changes Data Allowances For Prepaid Mobile Broadband

For an “insurance policy” mobile broadband service or one you’ll only use when travelling for work or holidays, paying $150 for a guaranteed year of coverage isn’t a bad deal. Sneakily, the cheapest plan now has a shorter expiry (21 days instead of 30).

You can compare Telstra’s pricing to other options on the market with our Planhacker prepaid 3G broadband guide (which will, of course, need updating to incorporate these new prices).


  • Does anyone know if these plans can be used on the iPad, or if the iPad prices are getting revised?

    10GB for $150 with 365 day expiry wouldn’t be too bad for access to NextG.

  • “All prepaid data sessions will be charged per megabyte”. So that means connect, disconnect. 1MB?

    Not great for checking email.

    Gus, Got any suggestions for someone looking to use prepaid broadband in a (now) semi-retired 3G iPhone?

    • Nothing specific in the announcements, but the iPad plans have always been treated as separate so I’d be surprised if the changes apply. I’ll ask tomorrow.

  • I got a letter in the mail today from Telstra saying they are increasing line rental and all call charges.

    Then they go on to tell me about all these great Telstra products, like Foxtel, Tbox, Thub, etc. . . for hundreds of dollars a month extra!

  • Seems like a smart move to may, the market is heading more and more towards prepay for mobile broadband so this should help Telstra grab an even bigger slice of what is a growing market.

  • I think the charges for prepaid wireless broadband for 365 days is fantastic. You wouldn’t believe the problems with My3. I will be changing to Telstra. I have been a Telstra customer for 35 years (home phone and mobile) Thanks for the information Judy Lloyd

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