Telstra Says Everyone’s Broadband Data Limits Will Have Been Increased By July

Telstra Says Everyone’s Broadband Data Limits Will Have Been Increased By July

Back in March, Telstra announced that it was going to increase the data allocations for its existing fixed line broadband customers, but said the process would take “several months”. Telstra now says that those increases will all be in place by July.

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A post on Telstra’s Exchange blog notes that the process is almost over:

It’s a big job updating 2.5 million peoples’ broadband allowance and we are working through topping up the remaining consumer ADSL, Cable, Velocity and NBN plans. We’ve staggered this approach to ensure accuracy of the change amongst our large customer base. Rest assured we will have everyone topped up with extra data by the end of July.

How much extra data you get varies depending on which plan you’re on, how long you’ve been a customer and what other Telstra services you have in place.

Telstra has also added the ability for customers to access the three “free” data top-ups it offers on many plans via online self-service. Under that “three for free” deal, three times a year you can double your standard monthly allowance — useful if you’ve chewed through a lot of data unexpectedly. Previously you had to contact Telstra support via phone or chat to use that option.

Update: Free Fixed Broadband Data Top Ups [Telstra Exchange]


  • Does anyone know if they will be changing their plans to allow new customers access to more data ? I am running out my contract with Dodo soon and want to swap to telstra

    • Pretty sure they will.

      Don’t understand why it takes months to do though. Change the plan allowance in your system and everyone will pick up up when their plan rolls over?

      • Who knows what the delay is. Hopefully they update their website with the larger plans soon, I only have 4 months of my contract left

          • I call Bullshit on the delay. I’ve already used my 3 free top-ups this year (because, Destiny and Netflix). Hit the cap on my monthly allowance last week (measly 50Gb) with a week to go until end of billing cycle. Finally decided to change my plan to 200Gb month.

            So, how come they can activate the top-ups instantly AND switch me to a higher plan instantly, but can’t make a permanent change?

            Just realised that Telstra don’t offer a 200Gb/month broadband package (other than the bundle which isn’t what I have as I don’t have any included calls), so they must have upgraded me to the 100Gb per month plan and doubled it straight away.

            Edit Edit:
            None of their plans equate to what I’m getting or what I pay anyway, but that’s not unusual for Telstra.

          • A lot of older plans seem to be rounding up to the newer plan limit, then being doubled. My 200gb became 500gb.

          • My 200gb plan is still only 200gb. I hope to have it some time before July, but, Eh, what can you do?

      • Typically, you update the plan information in one system, and then you have to perform a mass re-synchronisation across all your customer accounts so they slurp up the new details. You have to do this slowly and carefully so you don’t bring down your systems due to the extra load.
        Source: I used to work for an ISP.

      • It could be that there is a roll out of additional capacity required and they wanted to avoid or reduce the risk of a step increase in traffic

    • A lot of people on whirlpool have been able to negotiate the new plans on signup. Give it a try.

  • Man I’d be pissed if I was at the end of the rollout! As it stands though, been enjoying my double data allowance for two months now.

    • Yep, am pissed. Haven’t had it yet. Doubling my 50Gb per month would have been enough for me, but had to upgrade to a higher plan (for more money) because still haven’t been doubled, and Telsra refuse to say when individual accounts will be upgraded #FWP

  • I spend near $300 a month on my home line, broadband (200GB) and Foxtel …. all via Telstra. Three prepaid mobiles and a 4G broadband travel modem as well for which I pay separate to my home bill. Been long time customer blah blah…

    Still waiting for my data to be increased despite begging the call centre. Unfortunately I had just re-signed a new 2 year contract just days before they announced this deal and they have me by the balls!

    Telstra is the only telco in my area so I have no choice but to hang by said appendages…

  • Why go smelstra – i have an unlimited plan through optus $90 / month with free netflix for the the next 6 months. NF is terrible BTW

    • Many people have no choice. By many, I mean anyone in ‘the bush’ (AKA more than 30km from a major city) who can only get BigPond, or….BigPond.

      • Actually you can have almost anyone you like BUT you will still be using telstra equipment. I’m considering cutting iinet out on my link chain loop to see if things improve. Congestion is driving us nuts in my WA regional 3 area.

        • Not exactly true. My mother is out in the middle of no where, and if she wanted ADSL2 without the addition of an expensive satellite on her roof, it had to be Telstra. No other provider had access to lines out that far so it was either Telstra or satellite wireless.

    • Telstra has a much better network, your comparing apples and oranges buddy 🙂

  • I DONT NEED MORE DATA….!!!!! GIVE ME MORE SPEED YOU BASTARDS. ADSL should be dead by now. I’ve got 500GB of data but on ADSL, not even ADSL2 for crying out loud. Decent streaming….I wish. Store files in the cloud, you must be kidding at 350kbps upload speed. The trouble is, without any competitors in my area, Telstra can rip everyone off with shitty infrastructure, charging the same for ADSL as they would for fibre. About time someone forced the telcos limit what they charge based on quality of service, ie. you cant charge big $ for ADSL. Maybe that would provide some incentive for them to upgrade their hardware.

  • Welcome to mass corporate corruption in the new Australian police state. Where a company are allowed to offer better services to customers buying their other unrelated products.
    Why was the Woolworths petrol subsidy scheme bad, but it’s ok for Telstra to use their other businesses to subsidize their internet plans?

  • New Telstra bundles come out in July hence the time frame.

    I don’t know anything else about the new bundles though.

  • Given the shear number of service plans it is not as easy as pushing a button. The changes can be done immediately manually as some have experienced but don’t underestimate the size of this change.

    I say good on them and to all the whingers, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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