New BigPond Plans Finally Have Reasonable Download Limits

New BigPond Plans Finally Have Reasonable Download Limits

As promised, Telstra has made major changes to the prices of its BigPond ADSL broadband services. One welcome change is the elimination of 200MB monthly download limits on its cheapest plans and a shift to shaping on some services, but not all the news is so good.

The 200MB limit on el cheapo plans (which would get eaten up by iTunes updates most months, let alone when major security patches are needed) has long been the biggest flaw in Telstra’s services. (Many other ISPs also sell similar plans wholesaled from Telstra, but as the owner of the copper and the biggest provider in the market, it deserves the biggest kicking.)

So the shift from 200MB to 2GB — probably enough for occasional email and Net users who aren’t addicted to Channel BT — is good news. The $29.95 a month price for that assumes a 24-month contract and an existing Telstra home line, but that tends to be the case in the target market for cheap plans anyway.

Most of the other changes announced today apply when bundling multiple services (such as phone, mobile, Internet and Foxtel). Some of those plans include shaping options or unlimited local calls, a sign VOIP providers are biting into the Big T’s revenues.

It will be interesting to see how other providers respond to the changes. Telstra says the new plans will become available on December 1 and existing customers will be switched onto the new plans over time, though it’s lamentably hazy on dates for anyone who doesn’t make the switch themselves online. And the plans still require long-term sign-up, which is a bad idea in the rapidly evolving ISP marketplace.

Would those plans make you think twice about Telstra? Share your ISP wisdom in the comments.



  • Its a nice change for ADSL or ADSL2+ customers as it brings a price decrease for them. However, anyone who was already on cable got shafted. You can get another discount if you sign up for another 24 months, but their prices are still uncompetitive when you compare price vs data (speed is the same in Adelaide).

    Its just a very nice media spin to pull in new customers while shafting the loyal ones IMHO. Very dissapointed with the new plans, and its made me consider signing up for Adam’s WiMax service.

  • “Telstra says … existing customers will be switched onto the new plans over time”. In my experience they have NEVER done that. Twice I’ve been left like the proverbial shag-on-a-rock with an old plan which has been superseded either by the same deal but cheaper, or by a better plan for the same price. Apparently I’m expected to be checking their plans constantly to upgrade myself.

  • yep as i expected. they are really changing the current plans they are just adding ones with more data which cost alot more. 50gb = $100, 100gb = $119 and 200gb = $169. telstra you will have to do a major improvement on that before you see my money

  • I swear I have no idea what LH is on about. There has been no change to the site. It still shows 200MB plans for $29.95.

    This should really be tagged ADVERTISEMENT rather than COMMUNICATE. Either that or check the site before posting.

  • Telstra are the biggest rip or merchants ever! Funny how all the other ISP’s can offer fantastic rates when they buy all the air time through Telstra anyway. They are nothing but a greedy company.

  • The fact is, Telstra should have been stripped down to just being a backbone for all other ISP’s years ago, well before Ol’ mate Sol, stuffed it up completely. Allowing them to have sway in an industry where they make the rules was the most stupid thing the government ever did!

  • I don’t know if it’s because I am so tired but I tried to read the article and kind of read “Telstra” and “Scumbag Plans” and “Rip Off Fees”, and kind of found it very difficult to get enthused about Telstra trafficking dog shit in a paper bag or plastic bag.

    Kind of like playing with the press button robots of Telstra Customer Service and trying to not fall into a coma.

    I still feel like kicking anyone in Telstra, because these people are still scamming people on Broadband plans from any other company – by the FEES they charge just for line rental on the un-naked plans.

    Anyway – Telstra has been so bad for so long and the announcement of marginal improvements to their piss-poor piece meal plans for highway robbery for almost nothing, is never going to provide any incentive to me to ever EMPLOY them ever again for any service.

  • yeah great, update from incredibly crap to generally crap. compared to the rest of the developed world we have some of the highest internet subscriber prices and most limited download plans… drives me nuts. Who has a home phone these days anyway? none of my peers do, and I haven’t had one for ten years: While I’m at it… why should an ADSL connection automatically entail hundreds of dollars connection fees (for non home-phoners like myself) and weeks of waiting? and THEN a lengthy contract!!!! those are the real downers.

    • If you saw the ADSL/Cable pricing, you wouldn’t be getting all that excited about Wireless price changes..
      Even if they matched the ADSL prices they’re still laughably high!
      12 month contract with full Telstra Phone service
      2Gb=$49 (minimum $1147/year = $95/month in reality)
      12Gb=$69 (minimum $1387/year)= $115/month in reality)

  • I was a Telstra customer for 4 years, I had landline, mobile, Foxtel, and Extreme Broadband. I had everything they could sell me. Last month I cut the lot off and went to iiNet.

    Way to expensive, customer service takes way to long to get to a decission point, and being constantly over charged for Internet services…..well good buy Telstra.

    In saying that it was a hard decission as they really have you by the B*&(ls. They call that stickyness within Telstra. Even with some major changing of the pricing there underlying mentally and history is working against them. They are really old school state owned enterprise Telco. Bring on the competition and lets break that organsisation down.

  • The prices Telstra charges via bigpond ADSL pricing are insulting to anyone who does a little research.
    Costs are high, limits are low, and their “value added services” are a joke.
    If you look at most of the “added” services” (anti-virus for example) you can get a similar product FOR FREE, withought pirating anything. same goes for bigpond movies, plenty of streaming sights these days.

    It almost like they rely on people being ill-informed to make a profit.

  • Disappointing..!

    I also love how Telstra ripped the iiNet hardware out of the exchanges down here in victoria, Rye/Blairgowrie/Sorrento/Portsea, and returned us from ADSL2 to standard ADSL..

    Shouldn’t the Government and Telstra work hand in hand battling for the out of city centre people in STD territory to be able to get high speed cheap internet & phones (I pay more than city folk!), maybe even able to go naked, as most people I know out here just have the landline because of the internet, ($29.95 extra every month) and use a mobile for calls.

    Again Very Disappointing!!

    Last year I switched to Netspace, pretty crappy; this year to Internode 40GBs for 70 bucks isn’t to bad 1500up, 256dwn.

    But I would love to have 75GB, 24000up and 1000dwn for 100 bucks!

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