Telstra Ups Data Limits On Its Fixed Broadband Plans

Telstra Ups Data Limits On Its Fixed Broadband Plans

Telstra is expanding the data allocations for its fixed line broadband customers, but it may take some time to affect you if you’re a Telstra customer, and it’s not entirely clear how much more quota you’ll get.

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Telstra has announced that it’s upping the limits on its fixed line plans, effective… whenever it actually makes the change to your plan. Which is an unusual way of going about expanding user data quotas, but in a blog post, Telstra’s Stuart Bird states that “there are several million of you to top up so it’s going to take us several months to complete”.

There’s not even a fixed designation for which plans will get what kind of upgrade, simply that it will be “more”. Users over at Whirlpool are reporting that some plans appear to have had their data allocations doubled from 500GB to 1TB for no additional charge

Telstra puts the need for additional data down to our increased love affair with streaming media, noting that video use was essentially negligible five years ago, but now accounts for more than 30 per cent of its fixed line traffic.

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  • checked my usage yesterday, im on 200gig plan, now %75 used of 500gig and 14 days left 8)

  • Got the email saying I’ve been upgraded, apparently it goes into effect Sunday. Downside, I’m getting close to my limit for the month, and the conditions are that if you hit your limit, it wont come into effect until next billing period :(.

    Two days to go!

  • It is clear how much you’ll get – the increases are well defined, not random…

  • I got the email, notification and allocation of my doubled data (500GB to 1TB) on Tuesday. Was a very pleasant surprise from Telstra.

  • We’re going from 100GB to 200GB on our ADSL1 plan. Very welcome news. Game patches just keep on getting bigger…

  • Will be interesting to see how long this takes to rollout. I’ve not received anything from Telstra yet, checked account and everything is still the same on my account. I was starting to think about Optus cable unlimited data plan when my current contract expires, this comes at a good time.

  • I just wish one of these telco’s would give people on 3G/4G plans a decent allowance, I’m dying here with only 12GB… I can’t do jack shit.

    And there is no fixed line options available to me in my home.

    • Once again, Telstra gives people like us the shaft just because we don’t use copper, yet we pay more for less.

      • I know right, it’s absolutely ridiculous, if I could use copper I would, but there is no physical way for me to do so.

  • Received an email two days ago from Telstra, my 200GB plan got an additional 300GB of bonus data giving me a total of 500GB per month!

  • If they want to up me to 500gb from 200gb i’d be more than happy considering Netflix chews through too much data at 1080P & there’s no option to cap the stream at 720P only 240P, 480P, 1080P/4k (if you have that plan)

    Watched one episode of Top Gear bam, 3GB down the drain, likewise Mythbusters. 480P looks pretty lame on my TV, but 720P looks fine.

  • I have just spent 1 1/2 hours with Telstra online discussing this fact. The consultant I spoke to stated this response…. “Eligible customers actually received and
    will receive email correspondence about it. After checking this thoroughly it shows that the eligible
    plans are for Liberty Plan bundles which are archived plans which are much older than your plan.”

    Additionally, “The bonus data is offered based on particular plans. We’re looking at initiatives to extend this to
    other plans in the near future.”

    No mention of this in Stuart’s blog. Hm…

  • We want to thank you for being a Telstra customer

    Yet those of us stuck on 3G/4G plans due to distance to the exchange get nothing for paying $7 per gigabyte for years.

    Thanks a lot from your ‘loyal’ (read: you are our only choice, otherwise we would ditch you) customers Telstra

    • Exactly, sometimes I actually have to pay $10 per GB from a pre-paid sim that I also have, just so I can barely scrape through the month

  • They doubled my plan (100gb to 200gb) which is funny cause they only reduced it for me when we moved (from cable 200gb to ADSL 2+ 100gb – I argued that I wouldn’t have the same speed and therefore didn’t need the extra GB’s they reduced my costs even though I was mid contract)

  • Wonder if I’ll get it, being on fibre in a “Telstra Smart Community”… heres hoping.

  • Is it possible this is getting to WA around now? just checked the app (I don’t have access to the email for our plan) and it’s saying that we have 500Gb as our limit, where it’s normally 200Gb

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