iiNet Starts Offering Fibre-To-The-Home On New Estate

iiNet Starts Offering Fibre-To-The-Home On New Estate
AlamandaHouseThe National Broadband Network is progressing slowly, but individual ISPs are still working to get higher-speed connections to our homes. Earlier this year, Internode started offering a 25MBps connection on selected new housing estates, and now iiNet has a similar deal going.

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iiNet’s $49.95 per month offer (the same price as Internode’s) is currently only available at the Alamanda Estate at Point Cook in Victoria. We haven’t quite reached the point where fibre-to-the-home is mandatory on new estates, but it won’t be surprising if that happens quite quickly. It’s certainly pleasing news for the 1500 potential new property owners at the site, though the $660 connection cost might give a few of them pause.


  • If ISPs want to provide a good service and make some great profits, they would be better off providing ADSL infrastructure to the suburbs which are still operating off old exchanges. It’s nearly 2010 people, and certain homes are still running off dial-up!!!

  • What sort of download cap are we talking for the $49.95? Given how badly us Aussies are done by, I’m expecting something like 4GB, which would fly by in minutes.

    • Nevermind, a bit of reading explained the 5GB cap. Tiny. I won’t accept that deal, personally. Unless the cap is multiplied by at LEAST 10, you’d fly through that in a few days (even so, 50GB would be tiny).

      Where is our uncapped downloading?!

  • Technology is so vast today and almost every individual owns at least a computer and a smartphone each. Therefore, high speed internet connection is thought to be mandatory by everyone. Installing fibre to the estate is a smart move to provide a higher level of convenience and accessibility to the residents for their online work and study activities.

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