NBN Moves A Step Closer (In Tasmania)

NBN Moves A Step Closer (In Tasmania)

Tasmania was conspicuously absent on last month’s list of regions getting priority for backhaul upgrades on the National Broadband Network, but the Apple Isle gets some fairly big compensation: the first major rollout within the project.

The official Tasmanian subsidiary of the NBN (imaginatively known as the Tasmanian National Broadband Network company) was launched today by Senator Stephen “Censorship” Conroy. A lucky 200,000 Tasmanian households will get fibre to the premises, with a potential maximum speed of 100 megabits per second. The rest will have to make do with a potential 12 megabits per second via wireless or satellite, but that’s still a massive increase in a state often noted for its poor broadband capabilities (though Lifehacker did OK in Hobart).

Before everyone gets excited, it’s worth emphasising that we’re still years away from what we all really want — cheaper, faster broadband from a competitive range of suppliers — and that even the Tasmanian options won’t be built until mid-2010. But it’s a start.


  • Before they worry about FTTP, why don’t they spend some of that NBN money installing ADSL2+ DSLAM’s in every exchange across the country? Hell, for the price I’m paying for a 512/128 30GB plan with line rental, I can get naked ADSL2+ with 55GB!

    • Why would you want the government to pay for clearly inferior ADSL2+ technology with a 24mbit (theoretical) maximum speed, when they’re already rolling out 100mbit fiber?

      I can’t see any circumstance where it woudldn’t be a complete waste of money?

  • Australian Government Censorship ‘Worse Than Iran bravo Stephen “Censorship” Conroy bravo the sooner your goverment is booted the better.

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