Internode Selling Fibre To The Home (If You Buy A New Home)

Fernbrooke.jpg There's thousands of kilometres of optical fibre running around Australia, but generally precious little chance of using it for high-speed Internet access unless you're a large corporation. As such, Internode's announcement of a fibre-to-the-home package with speeds of up to 100Mbps is an interesting development. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you can ditch ADSL in your existing premises: the deal is only available in new homes constructed on estates, with the first sites in Queensland and South Australia. The pricing isn't too bad though. The entry-level $49.95 a month gets you a 25MBps connection, though you'll chew through the 5GB download limit pretty quickly (at which point you'll get shaped to a very non-fibre 64Kbps). Picture by Fernbrooke Estate


    I already have Fibre to the home where I live. I have had it for a few years as our homes are new. I just wish we could get it in Sydney!

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