Internode Offering Fibre Plans At 125 New Estates

Moving into a house on a brand-new estate can be a mixed bag. You'll often have a high-speed fibre connection on offer rather than having to use an ageing copper network, but you may not have any choice about which ISP you can use for that service. Lifehacker favourite Internode has just started offering a fibre service at 125 newly-built estates, giving residents in those areas a choice between buying a service from Telstra or through Internode.

Internode is offering plans at two speeds: 30/1 and 100/5 (Mbps download/upload). A quick comparison with Telstra's prices for residential services on estates (PDF link) suggests Internode offers a rather better deal, with its cheapest plan including 30GB of data versus Telstra's 5GB. Hit the link for full details of the Internode plans and to see if your dream housing estate home is in a serviced area.



    I have Telstra cable for $129.95 a month for 500GB. My average speed is 60-80Mbps and I do get the full 100Mbps on occasion. Internode is $129.90 for 250GB. Don't see how this is a better deal as Internode don't guarantee 100Mbps.

      Stacie, you're not comparing apples to apples. Telstra prices their cable plans differently to fibre. See the Telstra PDF that Angus posted for pricing. You'll find the Internode plans do represent better value in comparison.

      I am located within one of the fibre housing estates, and I am pleased to now have an alternative provider. Because the fibre is the only connection to the house, there is no option to get DSL or cable. Until now, Telstra was the only option. The Internode plans are not only more appropriate for my use case, they also provide competition which can only be a good thing.

        Nope - Telstra cable is the same price as Telstra Velocity fibre for the comparable speed/quota.

    Wow, Telstra are still selling 5GB plans. Someone at Telstra is stuck in 2002.
    At 100Mb/s you could suck 5GB in less than 7 minutes.

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