iiNet Adds 3 Broadband To Roster

iiNetHeart3.jpgFurther proof that 3G broadband really is the new Internet battleground: iiNet has just signed a deal with 3 to resell its 3G broadband offerings. While those will be standard 3 services at the usual prices, the announcement hints that there is "further opportunity for close collaboration between iiNet and 3 in the future". (As much as we'd like it, we doubt that this deal will see iiNet's free access to iTunes added onto mobile broadband services, alas.) iiNet isn't the first ISP to make this kind of deal — Primus has a longstanding arrangement with Optus, for instance — and it probably won't be the last. Given the lack of pricing difference, the major benefit could be in getting a single bill. If you're looking for a 3G broadband service, be sure to check out our guide to the best deals.


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