No Data On Horizon For Woolworths Mobile

3G broadband might be a rapidly expanding market, but it doesn't look like Woolworths wants to get into it just yet, despite making a move on the mobile phone market.

Liam Tung at ZDNet reports that while Woolworths hasn't completely rejected the possibility of offering some sort of data service in the future, it deliberately tailored its Everyday Mobile package to not include any data options so as to avoid confusing customers. That might not be such a bad move given the reliability problems experienced by Optus (the underlying network), but it does make the prospect of the Woolies-branded service a tad less attractive. Update: Reader Rod points out below that there is data pricing included in the plans. However, it's not very competitive and effectively discourages this sort of use.

Woolies: Customers don't want mobile data [ZDNet]



    The plans clearly do have data:

    "Data GPRS upload and download (WAP and Internet via GPRS) $1.32 per 60KB"

      At over 20grand per Gb, I won't be able to afford my weekly Woolworths grocery shopping!

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