Woolworths Connect Mobile Plans: How They Compare

Woolworths Connect Mobile Plans: How They Compare

Woolworths hasn’t wasted any time since announcing its intention to re-enter the mobile market last month: the new Woolworths Connect plans (using Telstra’s older and slower 3G network) go on sale from next Monday. Here’s what’s on offer and how they compare (hint: you can still do better).

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There are just two smartphone plans on offer, both of which require a $2 SIM (on sale, obviously, at Woolworths stores). If you’re a member of Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards loyalty scheme, the plans are discounted. (Membership to that is free, so we can’t imagine many people will pay the full rate.) Calls to other users of Woolworths Connect are free.

  • For $27 a month ($30 if you’re not in Everyday Rewards), you score unlimited texts, 1.5GB of data and $650 of call credit. Calls to Australian numbers costs 90 cents per minute, which would give you 361 2-minute calls.
  • For $40.50 a month ($45 if you’re not in Everyday Rewards), you get unlimited texts, 3.5GB of data and $1500 of call credit. That translates to 833 2-minute calls.

Incidentally, the plans count data in 25KB blocks — better than the 1MB used by some providers but not as good as per-KB charging. There are also three data-only plans for tablets; we’ll cover those in a broader roundup in the future.

You can potentially do better with plans on Telstra’s 3G network. ALDI Mobile is a little more expensive ($30 a month gets you 1.5GB of data 300 minutes of calls). But Boost Mobile gives you 3GB of data for $40 with unlimited calls, plus its strange extra offer of an additional 1GB to use each Sunday. Right now, that’s arguably the one to beat.


  • Boost is clearly the one to beat if the price is right. Their Full NextG coverage is significantly (like double the area) better than the Telstra Wholesale resellers.

  • ALDI gives you $65 credit with their $30 pack, and at 10c/minute for calls, you get 650 minutes of calls (or 325 of your 2 minute calls)…but if you run out you can fall back on their 365 days expiry for their regular pre-paid option.

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