Woolworths Goes For Phones With Everyday Mobile

Woolworths Goes For Phones With Everyday Mobile
everydaymobileWoolworths is expanding into the mobile telephony market with a branded offering aimed at people who find the notion of variable call rates confusing.

The plan is pretty similar to most SIM-only offerings on the market: pay $2 for the SIM and then recharge as you need it. Given that the call costs are relatively high (15 cents flagfall plus 15 cents for every 30 seconds regardless of the time of day) and that the network Woolworths is utilising is the sometimes troublesome Optus, this probably isn’t going to be the first choice for most Lifehacker readers.

The one advantage it might offer is a relatively generous 100 days to use your credit before recharging. Recharging your existing mobile via Woolworths will score you some Everyday Rewards points, which is an easier way of accruing a few extra phone-related perks over time.

Everyday Mobile


  • What next? A Woolworths car to go to drive to Woolworths in, with attachment for the Woolworths phone to talk to people while you drive to the Woolworths petroleum outlet and all this can be paid for on your Woolworths Credit Card… Every Day… in an effort to score a free flight to the other side of Australia in… 10 years time.

    Maybe the EU should be looking into Woolies for an Anti-Trust case? 😛

  • 15 cent text are cheaper then what optus, virgin and telstra have their prices at. If it was free text woolies to woolies, i would switch to them. Heap cheaper calls at 15 cents/30 sec for prepaid users. Beats virgin 31cents/30secs. To make a 1 second call on virgin costs $0.58.

    This is heaps cheaper (even though I would spend more in a month, your calls are about half the price.

    Free text woolies to woolies will do it for me.

    • A 1 sec call on Virgin’s bean counter recharge is 30c (25c flagfall, plus 30sec billing unit at 10c per minute). A 31-60 sec call is 35c (Woolies: 45c). Texts are 10c to anyone, with no freebies. If you can live with the 45 day credit expiry, this is heaps cheaper than woolie’s offering. The only other down-side of Virgin’s is that for the bean counter you have to recharge via the web or pre-select if for phone recharges – you can’t buy a voucher for it.

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