Everyday Mobile Not Racing Into Full Data Plans

It might be expanding its range of mobile services, but Woolworths still has no immediate plans to offer a specific data plan on its Everyday Mobile service.

Woolworths apparently took exception to our suggestion yesterday that the launch of its new Chatterbox service meant that it had reached market saturation with its original Everyday Mobile plan. Head of the Everyday Mobile division Graeme Veitch wouldn't say how many customers had signed up, but he said the service was doing well. "We only came to market in August and in the first few months we've over-achieved on customer numbers," he said.

While we had him on the phone, we asked if Woolworths would eventually move into the data market, given the rapid growth in 3G broadband. While Veitch wouldn't absolutely rule it out, he didn't sound very enthusiastic about the idea:

Data plans and other things, while very popular at one end of the market, haven't reached the masses in the form of the Woolworths shopper.

So it looks like racking up Everyday Rewards points with your data plan isn't going to be an option for a while.


    "haven’t reached the masses in the form of the Woolworths shopper"
    Well I use 1GB of 3g data a month, guess I'm not aloud to shop at Wollies anymore. What a out of touch idiot.

      Hmmm, I am sure that he knows exactly who is target cosumer base is. That doesn't make him an idiot, more a realist.

        Fine to say that's the target audience for the mobile service, but he went as to claim "haven’t reached the masses in the form of the Woolworths shopper"...so eveyone with 3G phones goto Coles? Just plain stupid.

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