Woolworths May Do Data Plans After All

At the beginning of the month, Woolworths was pretty adamant that its mobile phone offerings wouldn’t include data-only plans or dongles. After apparently flogging a lot of SIM cards, the supermarket chain seems to be having a change of heart.

Liam Tung at ZDNet reports that the Everyday Mobile plans have been so successful that the company is now thinking about more aggressively promoting data options. While no details have been released, I suspect that such plans wouldn’t be particularly cheap, given that the many resellers of Optus data services rarely offer much in the way of discounts, focusing instead on added services.

Since the Woolworths mantra has been minimal confusion and hence minimal feature sets, that won’t necessarily be good news. On the other hand, competition is often good for prices in this sector, even if the discounts end up appearing elsewhere.

Woolworths to sell Optus 3G and data deals [ZDNet]


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