Internode Easy Broadband Has One Catch

Internode Easy Broadband Has One Catch
inlogoInternode’s new $49.95 broadband plan sounds like an appealing option if you’re helping someone get connected, but there’s one important catch to be aware of.

Internode is well-regarded amongst serious tech users for its plans and customer service, but offers such a large range of plans that casual users might well be put off. The new Easy Broadband option costs $49.95, and involves pretty much a no-brainer installation with the fastest available speed from the exchange, and a 30GB data quota. The plan doesn’t include a standard hardware option, the notion being that users might well already have one.

The big catch, though, is that unlike most other Internode plans, the 30GB total includes uploads as well as downloads. Internode argues that this makes it easier to compare with Telstra and Optus, which both have the same approach. I still reckon it would be better not to endorse that kind of dodgy behaviour by emulating it.

With that said, 30GB is probably more than reasonable for anyone not indulging in major torrent activity, especially given that content from the ABC’s iView and Tivo doesn’t count in the total.

What plans do you recommend when non-tech relatives or friends ask for advice? Share your wisdom in the comments.
Internode Easy Broadband


  • I recommend the Exetel low end plans, as they are great value and have very reasonable excess quote changes, should your relative get an addiction to Youtube or Linux Distros! 😛

    The Telstra low end plans have RIDICULOUS excess charges and I would steer clear of any long contracts.

      • Sounds good Matt, however this thread asked:

        What plans do you recommend when non-tech relatives or friends ask for advice?

        Exetel have been the ones I recommend up to now, your product is brand new.

        Ill wait and see how things pan out – however counting traffic both ways just doesn’t cut it with me…

    • I’m not sure I’d recommend Exetel to non-tech savy users, while they tend to be very good value there is much less hand holding for tech support etc.

      • I agree in theory DS, however given my experiences any family or friends end up calling me prior to a help desk any day.

        Ahhhh… the perks.

    • Oh this is from an amazing company that disconnects me for owing a mere $16 – without warning; late on a Friday afternoon; and

      Then when I ring up they play stone wall the customer, and pass the buck and when I ask to escalate the call, they refuse; and

      Then they tell to go check my email…. well Miss Dumphuk in the accounts dept, because you have disconnected me over a measly $16 and I can’t access them.

      When I figure out that I really don’t need customer service like this, so I change ISP’s.

      Then the folks at Internode send the debt collectors after me.

      This company stinks and this scummy plan is proof of it.

  • I would recommend TPG, value per GB. If they don’t use up the quota each month it doesn’t mean I can’t use them… (Fair trade for free tech support) 🙂
    btw, the crappy broadband deals which charge based on usage have been around ever since in Australia. Telstra being the worse, now Sol Trujillo has buggered off with big chunk of our $$$. when are we going to get true freedom with unlimited use like other countries ?
    And what happened to that PIPE optic cable which arrived on our shores about a month ago ?

    • The reason for high internet costs in Australia have been covered a number of times.

      AFAIW it’s caused by 2 major factors:

      1) High cost of upstream bandwidth to (predominatatly) San Jose, California. As we speak English, we consume a disproportionately large quantity of English-language internet content, which tends to be located in North America. As opposed to, say, Korea, who consume predominantely local, Korean-language content.

      2) Population density is too low in most of Australia to support good economies of scale for ambitious technology roll outs.

      Perhaps someone from one of the ISPs could add to this? It’s been a while since I worked in the industry.

  • My boyfriend uses Bigpond DSL (by default, since his home phone is with Telstra) and it’s the worst when it comes to value for money. He only gets 12GB per month and his monthly bill comes to over $100 when combined with his line rental (which he doesn’t even need).

    My parents use have a $99 plan with Optus (cable) which includes 20GB of data but with three Gen Y kids living and breathing off the internet, they only just scrape through each month.

    I’m keen to give TPG or Internode a go when I move in a few weeks’ time.

  • That sounds like a great value plan and funnily enough i had been researching this for a very non-techsavvy colleague earlier today. He was very, very shocked at what i thought was a reasonable monthly cost and had expected something under $20 a month. He says he just wants to browse the web and check email, so I tried to find something cheaper with a smaller data quota but a few would only do this with much slower download speeds, which surprised me. Why are there still 256k plans?? I think i might have to re-pitch this price range, and perhaps this plan at him again. But it is worth mentioning here that a lot of people would feel the same about paying $50 per month for (in his words) “just the internet”.

  • It’s not a “big” catch by any means, the only people who should care are torrenters but this is a casual plan anyway, the average proportion of uploads would probably be 10-20% of downloads so they’re still getting about 25GB.

  • I’d have to agree with those who say that charging both ways just doesn’t cut it. It’s a step backwards in an already backwards market.

  • 20gb 1500/256 plan with internode is $60
    Easy broadband $50
    No way you will be uploading 10gb a month (i checked last 6 months i averaged 2gb and id consider that farily heavy)
    so your getting very consertivly 5gb + for $10 less
    Its a no braner IMO…

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