Next G Wireless Broadband Goes Prepaid

Next G Wireless Broadband Goes Prepaid

880U_BigPond_DSC2844[1] .jpgAnother reason to take up wireless broadband: Telstra is now offering its Next G wireless broadband service as a prepaid option, joining Optus in the prepaid crowd. Purchase a wireless broadband kit (including a USB modem) for $149 and then top up with a range of credit options, from $20 for (effectively) 150MB through to $100 for 6GB. The biggest restriction is the expiry period, which is 30 days. While you can stop the credit expiring by purchasing more credit, you can’t buy a large initial bundle and then top up with small amounts effectively, since the rate per megabyte is much higher on the cheaper plans. Nonetheless, if you’re an occasional regional traveller, this could well be your best travelling broadband option. Thanks Beau!


  • One can only hope Telstra’s service is an improvement on Optus’. I am currently using Optus and have so-far loaded $140 of credit on in a week, because the service re-directs to a page which says recharge is necessary. All the credit is there, but the service (and my own ignorance)conned me. The “boot” rate (getting disconnected during a session) is similar to early dial-up, and setting the connection up in the first place was time-consuming and frustrating. The Zoo is a zoo!

  • There is no comparison between Tel$tra NextG and Optus. NextG will wipe the floor with anything Optus has to offer.

    The NextG network truly is the best Australia has to offer in that particular space – just the plans that suck.

  • This service is really cool, except that it always seems to overcharge!!!
    I put $100 credit on and only got 2G download!!!
    has anyone else had this problem?

  • I just got our laptop connected to Next G Wireless Prepaid Broadband.

    Should it not be getting better than dial-up speed? I am downloading something and it’s coming down at around 15kb/s.

    Would love to know if it’s meant to be faster

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